REVIEW: Wand by We-Vibe

February 2020: I’m in the process of moving seven years of content to a new host, so while everything is screwed up ( 😀 ) please feel free to enjoy my latest review. I hope to have everything back in place as quickly as possible.

Today I’m reviewing the Wand by We-Vibe. As you may have already guessed, the Wand is a vibrating wand massager. Peepshow Toys sent this massager to me in exchange for a review, so let’s check it out.

I haven’t reviewed a We-Vibe toy since way back in 2013, when I wrote about the Salsa, a bite-sized pointy vibe whose surprisingly intense motor worked wonders for frenulum stimulation. The Salsa, sadly, was put into retirement years ago, which is a shame because I kinda wore mine out. The Wand is pretty much everything the Salsa is not. It’s big, it’s round, it’s heavy. While I’m not an aficionado of wand massagers (I’ve really only tried one: The Man Wand), I’ve been enjoying videos of cocks being teased by them for years. So why haven’t I used one myself, given how they are so adept at making dicks throw ropes of cum?  Well…now’s my chance. First, let’s check out what’s in the box.

The Box (and What’s Inside the Box)

The box is big. But it’s stylish. The Wand is being sold as a luxury vibrator and if the packaging is any indication, what’s inside is going to be good. And at first glance, everything looks wonderful. The Wand itself is tucked into a thick foam cutout which protects the massager when not in use. The entire Wand is coated in body-friendly silicone and it’s a deep purple color. There’s a ring of metallic-looking lighter purple where the handle connects with the ball-shaped head, but — other than the We-Vibe logo slightly engraved on the head and some gentle texture ringing the neck — the Wand is pretty much unadorned. Nestled under the wand cutout are two included silicone attachments, also tucked into cutouts of their own: a round “Flutter” ring, and a curved “Stroke” attachment that’s designed to pair with a penis. The only other items in the box are a magnetic charging cable and a minimal instruction booklet. The box is great for storing all the pieces and making sure everything stays together. Definitely store the parts in their respective cutouts to help preserve the shape of everything and keep all the pieces organized.

For such a high-end gadget, I found the included directions a little lacking. The parts are all labeled and We-Vibe does lay out the Wand’s functions in simple diagrams, but these do little to answer questions for a Wand newbie like myself. For instance, is the “auto-start” function the only option available? And why doesn’t the Wand seem to “auto-start” when one of the attachments are in use? How do I turn it on and keep it on? And aren’t there supposed to be vibration patterns on this thing? Luckily, We-Vibe’s website had a lot more detailed instructions, so I’ll be relating those here as we take a closer look at the Wand.

Before you can use the Wand, you’ll need to fully charge it. Like many vibrating toys these days, the Wand is easily rechargeable with a magnetic charging system. Stick the USB end into an appropriate port and easily click the magnets to the pair of flat metal pins on the end of the Wand’s handle. A soft LED light pulses while the Wand’s battery powers up. Allow it to charge until the light turns solid. The Wand can run up to 2 hours on a single charge, but I learned that using the more intense settings diminishes this time by quite a bit. Still, the Wand rumbles away for quite awhile, giving you time to enjoy a nice session before it needs to be put back on the charger. The magnetic charging method means the Wand is entirely cordless when you’re ready to use the thing. If you’ve owned or used an older Wand, you probably had to figure out where to situate yourself so an electrical outlet was handy. Being cordless, the Wand will go pretty much anywhere you want it to.

Once it’s ready to operate, what do you do? The Wand’s controls are pretty straightforward, at least after you figure out how everything works. To power the Wand on, press and hold the bottom-most button on the handle. Like I mentioned, there is an “auto-start” feature which seems to be the default. We-Vibe calls it Smart Silence and this means the Wand powers up as soon as it senses it’s close to your body. It can be a fun feature, but it can also be annoying as well. It’s certainly nice to only have the Wand running exactly when you want it to, so if you’re using it to tease certain erogenous zones intermittently, you’re not going to run the battery down when the toy’s not touching your skin. If you’ve ever cursed a sex toy for getting you off before you were ready to cum, the Smart Silence setting might end up being your favorite, because it’s an easy way to stop the motor in a hurry (just remove the Wand from the hot spot and everything cools down quickly).

I found the Smart Silence feature to be kind of disappointing when using either of the Wand’s attachments. I discovered I like a delicate touch with either of these and I had to press very firmly to activate the auto-start mode when I was using either of them. Luckily, the user can switch the Smart Silence function off and use the Wand in the traditional way. Meaning “turn it on and leave it on.” To switch from the Smart Silence mode, press and hold the upper-most of the two control buttons. This button is less prominent than the Power button, but you’ll find a slight indentation under the intensity switch. This also controls the Wand’s pulse patterns, so don’t be surprised when the Wand starts pulsing away. Once the motor is on, press the patterns switch to cycle through each setting, until you reach the steady vibe. There are 10 patterns, so keep clicking. After you reach the desired vibe setting, you can easily rev it up or tone it down with the raised switch that’s just above the two control buttons. As you might expect, push the lever up to increase the intensity, or hold it down to calm things down. Once you’ve played around with the Wand for awhile, the controls become more familiar, and you can easily adjust the intensity during use. Need to shut the motor off while using it in steady mode? Just hold the intensity lever down until the vibrator cycles from its lowest setting to Off. The Wand is still “on” at this point and all you need to do to rev it up again is push up on the intensity lever. For me, this method was a lot more user-friendly than the Smart Silence mode, but I can see where other users would enjoy the easy-stop the latter offers.

So how good is the range on this thing? Pretty damn good, as it turns out. While I really enjoyed the intensity of the Man-Wand massager (which is pretty small compared to We-Vibe’s Wand; the entire Man-Wand is shorter than the We-Vibe’s handle!), it didn’t offer a lot in the way of versatility. Plus the Man-Wand’s cock teaser is built in, so there’s no way to remove it if you’re just looking to use the head only, or use an alternate attachment. The buzzy vibrations the Man-Wand puts out feel really amazing for targeted stimulation, but there isn’t a lot of variety in how it feels. In comparison, the We-Vibe Wand really has an extensive range. On the low end, you can experience a gentle sputter, or you can power the motor all the way up to nerve-jangling. On its highest setting, the Wand is just very intense! Of course, using the intensity switch you can raise or lower the vibration intensity to any spot on the available frequency. To me, this is one of the best features of the Wand; allowing it to rev away as hard as you want, then quickly lower the intensity to a lower setting.

The Wand Pulse Patterns as Visualized by We-Vibe

The pulse patterns are great, too! To switch from steady vibrations to one of the various pulse patterns, click the button under the intensity lever. Since this button is used for other functions, be sure to play around with it a bit before beginning your first session to help avoid frustration that could come by inadvertently switching settings when you were trying to do something else. As much as I enjoy the steady vibrate setting (especially cranked all the way up!), I found that using one of the pulse patterns worked better for longer edging sessions, allowing the variation in vibe intensity to tease my cock repeatedly. Once you find a selection you enjoy, you can always increase or decrease the strength of the motor using the lever. I really love putting on a jockstrap and increasing the vibrator, allowing the mesh to act as a buffer between the head of the Wand and my cock and balls. However, if I place the vibrating head directly on my skin, sometimes the higher intensity is just too much, so it can be a relief to tone down the Wand to something less vigorous.

The Wand by We-Vibe Silicone Attachments

While the We-Vibe Wand is designed to work with other massage wand attachments you might have, the company actually includes two high-quality silicone attachments inside the box. In case you were wondering, the head has a diameter of just under 2.25 inches, so check your other wand strap-ons to see how well they might fit with We-Vibe’s Wand. Each of the included attachments sports a round ring that fits around the massage head fairly easily. The “Flutter” attachment is round with 360 degrees of perpendicular “ticklers” of varying lengths protruding from an inner ring. The Flutter ring tempers the strong vibrations from the wand head and allows for a more focused, less intense direct stimulation. While I enjoy focused vibrations on various erogenous zones (balls and nipples, for instance), the Wand head can be a little too intense and rumbly for certain overly-sensitive spots, so using the Flutter enables you to tone this down a little and angle the ticklers to tease just the right spot without feeling discomfort. The longer tendrils flutter more than the shorter ones do, so if you can see a distinction between the varying lengths (especially when paired with a desired vibrator intensity), the design of this attachment allows you to easily position it so the preferred section is just where you want it. Personally, I found the Flutter ring worked better on bare skin, especially on sensitive parts like my nipples. Changing the angle of the wand — even slightly — can alter the way things feel, so play around with the positioning.

The other attachment — the Stroke — is designed to accommodate a cock. With flexible silicone “wings” rising up from either side of the massage head ring, you can use this attachment whether your cock is completely flaccid or full-blown erect. Unlike totally enclosed “stroker tubes” that are often paired with wand massagers for penis stimulation, the design of this one is open ended, so pretty much anyone, regardless of length or thickness, can enjoy this silicone add-on. The wings themselves are pretty thick and sturdy and deliver some good vibrations while the wand is moving, and they’re just flexible enough to spread for larger cocks and offer some “flutter” of their own when the Wand’s vibrator is cranked up to a higher intensity.

While the inner aspect of each curve is totally smooth, those who like (or need) some texture while masturbating can rub the underside of their cock against seven raised ribs that line the bottom of this stroker sleeve. It’s not an incredible amount of texture, but it does feel nice if you enjoy stroking against something that isn’t completely smooth. To change the experience a little, add a little water-based lube to the Stroke attachment. (Both of these silicone attachments, as well as the silicone-encased wand itself, are compatible with water-based lubricants.) When I tried the Wand in the shower, I found that using lube on the Stroke piece really offered a nice variation. Yes, that’s right: the We-Vibe Wand is waterproof! So be sure to enjoy it in the shower. Just take care not to slip, especially if you’re using lubrication. And needless to say, you should never charge your Wand in or around water.

While both the Flutter and the Stroke pieces are very high quality silicone and stay in place at even the highest settings, I am not sure I’d recommend the We-Vibe Wand solely for these attachments. While both of them really worked well for me, the Wand itself is so large that it’s not as easy to position and hold at just the right angle (and this will vary from user to user, depending on where you like to place it) when using an attachment that’s strapped tightly to the head. For a winged-style massager, a toy like the hand-held (and very comfortably so) Pulse massager seems to be a more comfortable experience for me, at least when I am going for a long edging/teasing session. Even the much-more-compact Man Wand is lighter and less bulky than We-Vibe’s entry in the massage wand market. Still, the We-Vibe Wand isn’t overly uncomfortable to hold, it’s just sort of large; over 12 inches long from the bottom of the handle to the end of the massage head. The soft silicone and a curved/ergonomically-designed handle make this long massager fairly easy to grip during a long play session.

What else can I say about the Wand? Even though it’s encased in silicone, the Wand is an external-use toy. However, insert one of your favorite non-vibrating anal toys (I tried it with the Avant Pride Power Play butt plug) and press the vibrating head against the base of the toy. Nice, huh? ? The Wand also works wonderfully as an “all over” body massager. It’s not just for turning you on or getting you off (although it really does both of those things really well); use it on your shoulders, neck, back…wherever things feel tense or achy. More than once in the past couple of weeks I pulled the Wand out to relax my upper body after shoveling snow.

Let’s not forget the Wand is a good couples’ toy, too! Whether you want something for foreplay, or want to try the different options to help each other masturbate to orgasm, the Wand is completely versatile. The attachments are certainly designed with all sex organs in mind. And even if your playmate isn’t in the same room with you, a We-Vibe app allows two users to connect and control the Wand remotely. Disclosure: I didn’t test drive this feature, but I want you to know it is available if you’ve been looking for a vibrating sex toy that can be controlled by another user via an app. I did, however, pair the Wand — through Bluetooth —with the We-Connect app on my own smartphone and thought it was a handy way to control the Wand without having to fumble with the buttons. The best part about using the app during a solo session is finding and saving your favorite vibration settings and being able to activate them just by tapping your phone screen. You could also certainly hand the phone over to a playmate and allow another person to control your Wand session. This sort of technology can certainly add a new dimension to wand play and is definitely something to experiment with if you are so inclined.

The Wand is definitely a great massager for those who love wand massagers. It’s so versatile and a real powerhouse, but its intensity can easily be dialed down for those times when you want or need slow, delicate stimulation. Let’s not forget it’s covered in silicone, comes with two fun attachments, and can be taken into the shower! It’s pricey, so I’m hesitant to recommend it to a first-timer who might be on a budget and unsure of whether or not a wand massager will work well for them. But if you get off on good vibrations, enjoy intense powerful rumbling but can also get off on less vigorous teasing, you’re probably going to love the Wand from We-Vibe.

Ready to pick one up? Use the following link to order it from Peepshow Toys:

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Product images from Peepshow Toys
Pulse patterns chart from We-Vibe


FTC Notice: this product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.