LELO F1s Developer’s Kit Red Vibrating Masturbator Review

Today I’m looking at an interesting cock toy from LELO: the F1s Developer’s Kit, which is a vibrating/sonic masturbator with a silicone sleeve. Peepshow Toys sent this kit to me, so let’s take a look and see what’s inside.

LELO is a Swedish sex toy company that’s been around since 2003. I haven’t reviewed anything from them lately, but they’ve been putting out some wonderful high tech anal toys for years, like the Bruno vibrating prostate massager and the Loki Wave, which not only rumbles, but delivers a “come hither” motion as it massages your P-spot. The F1s Developer’s Kit is LELO’s entry into the penis masturbator market and it certainly sounds interesting when you first hear about it.


Nicely packaged in a sleek red box, the kit contains the masturbator and a charging cord, a lube sample, a bottle of cleaner, drawstring storage pouch, and some odd items like racing gloves and a “Do Not Disturb” sign of sorts, which you’ll apparently want to hang from the doorknob if you’re going at it while others are around.  Here’s a closer look at the toy itself.

Right away I can see it feels nice. It’s about the size and shape of a 12 ounce soda can. It’s smaller than I thought it would be, but it fits very comfortably in my hand. The case is the nicest one I’ve seen in any masturbator: made of hard, black aluminium. There’s a clear plastic “viewing window” that runs vertically along one side, and the top of the case (which is totally enclosed at the end) is flat, with one (no, make that three) control buttons and a white LED light that circles the top of the toy. There’s also a charging hole with a black silicone stopper.

The interior has an insertable depth of 4.33″ and contains a bright red silicone sleeve that’s ribbed with a subtle lined texture that runs vertically. The channel is triangular in shape, with knobs and nodules positioned under it at various intervals, most notably at the entrance and another one more deeply inside (and let’s face it, this thing ain’t that deep). The other smaller protrusions are 10 sensors that are designed to monitor the performance of the toy and alter its vibrations accordingly. It all sounds very high tech, and when you realize there is also a SDK (software developer’s kit) that can be used to create your own custom sensations with the F1s, you know you’re about to use something different than most masturbators. But don’t worry… even if you want to use this toy for basic masturbation, it works well for that, too.

The Kit — all of these things are included in a nice storage box*


Since it’s a vibrating sex toy, you’ll need to charge it up. Slide the included prong into the jack at the top and push the other end into a USB charging port. The LED ring at the top will come on and pulse as it charges. Once the light is solid all the way around, it’s ready to use.

Please familiarize yourself with the control methods before you get naked and start messing around with your new toy. The controls on the toy itself are simple, but it doesn’t necessarily make it easier to operate. For one thing, I didn’t even know there were two buttons on either side of the main Power button. Maybe we should consult the instructions first. My first gripe is with the included instructions. Look carefully. There’s a small paper “booklet” about the size of a book of postage stamps tucked somewhere in your kit. About the only thing on this leaflet that you can read without a magnifying glass is the LELO name and a URL to “Download Full User Manual Online.” There, I made it a link for you (it’s a PDF file), because these are the instructions you’re going to want to consult when trying to figure this kit out. Honestly, I prefer these kinds of downloadable instructions, because you don’t have to hang on to a bulky user’s guide. Just bookmark the file, or even download the PDF onto your device for future consultation.

Anyhow, press and hold the Power button in the center of the F1s and wait for the LED to come on. It’ll light up in intervals until it’s completely solid. Once that happens, give the button a second tap and the motor(s) inside will come to life. Use the + and – buttons on either side to cycle through the settings, which are steady vibrations of varying intensities. This mode of controlling your F1s is known as “Offline Mode.”


Oh yay, there’s an app. With such a limited interface in Offline Mode, I was hopeful that the app would really open up the F1s as to what it could do. I searched for and downloaded the Lelo F1 Demo app from the Play Store onto my smartphone. You need to connect the device to your phone via Bluetooth before you can operate the toy with the app. I could not get the device to connect to the app. Other reviews on the app store showed similar problems. I deleted the app and installed it on an Android tablet. At last I was able to connect, but it still was a little shaky getting everything set up. Keep at it, because the app interface works a lot better at putting your F1s through its motions.

Once connected, the app interface looked like the dashboard of a race car, with several dials and needles. Wow, they’re really going with a theme here. How about making something less splashy and more user-friendly? Do I need to wear the included racing gloves to make the app work? I just want to jack off, man!

I don’t see anything on the app that allows for any variation from the steady vibes thing. You can crank each of the two motors up and down to a desired level, and this certainly is nice. I’m not sure how it works, but the aforementioned “10 sensors” under the sleeve detect what’s going on and switch things up. I know this (okay, I don’t really know this) because the readings on the app panel are zipping up and down. Here’s my advice: before putting your dick in this thing, put your fingers inside first. This will give you a better understanding of how the sensors and vibrators work. It really is a strange and interesting feeling. There are two separate vibes, and one of them utilizes something called SenSonic™ technology; basically, instead of standard vibrations, you’ll feel deep sonic waves penetrate into your penis, for a sensation that feels like stimulation is coming from different directions.

A look inside the F1s — with the app (installed on a smartphone) open in the back


If you’re like me, at this point you’re just going to drizzle some lube into the channel and slide your dick inside. If your cock is thick/long at all, this could be a strenuous task. I’m not sure why companies insist on making totally enclosed masturbation sleeves, but this often creates an air lock when trying to shove something (like a cock) inside. Why not put in an air hole? Or, better yet, why not make both ends totally open, so cocks of all sizes and shapes can enter easily from either end? Long dicks can poke out, which is way better than trying to hammer oneself into a wall of air. Fleshlight has had great success with their open-ended Quickshot line because they work great with big dicks as well as smaller ones. And even their longer enclosed masturbators come equipped with a cap that can be loosened to remove the interior vacuum that makes it so damn difficult to penetrate. Even though I am on the long/thick side of average when it comes to cock length, I was still able to enjoy the F1s masturbator; it was just a bit of a struggle to wedge my way inside. (NOTE—AFTER REPEATED USES: I prefer to penetrate while my dick is soft or semi-hard. It makes sliding in easier and allows me to “grow” once I am already in there.)

The kit comes with a LELO lube sample so that’s what I used on my virgin try, but any of your favorite water-based lubes will work with this silicone sleeve. The company cautions against using silicone or oil-based lubes with the F1s, as they could leave the sleeve feeling permanently tacky. Give it a generous coating of lubricant and apply some more to your dick. If your dick has some thickness, you might have to push a little (or a lot) to work it inside and the extra lube will help. The sleeve and the underlying mechanics have some give to them, so this sleeve isn’t too tight to penetrate, however the previously-mentioned airlock issue could give thicker/longer cocks some hassle. Adding a lot of lube really does help with this, and —for me—it just felt better.


The vibrations on this toy are pretty decent, which is no surprise, since LELO’s anal toys have top-of-the-line vibrators built in. If you’re using the app to control things, you’ll note that one dial controls the Main Motor and the other “Vibration.” Be sure to tap the Power icon on the app to activate the control panel on your device. +/- buttons for each function control the intensity. I liked (once I figured it out) that a quick tap of the Power icon would shut the toy off instantly. A great feature for those too-close-to-the-edge moments when you need to halt the stimulation immediately. As I mentioned before, the app controls are a lot easier to manage than the buttons on top, at least when you’re in the throes of a decent masturbation session and just want to reach out and touch your screen to switch things up (or Off). If you can figure out how to angle the case, by using the app to control the toy you can actually enjoy some pretty decent hands-free sessions. Just work your cock into the interior, power up the device, and use the app to ramp up the speed or power it on and off to control the surges. This is one of my favorite ways to use this LELO toy.


Honestly, I don’t know much about the “developer” features, but it’ll be interesting to see what comes out in the future. As the only available app for this kit is a “Sample” app, you can’t really upload anyone else’s customized programming anyhow. Like I said before, it’s pretty limited in what it can do, in terms of versatile vibration. A sliding panel offers you access to readings like Speed, Main Motor/Vibration, Pressure, Temperature, Counter and Gyroscope measurements, but there isn’t any way I can see to switch any of these factors up manually during your masturbation session, at least by using the provided app. It’s more or less just giving you readings about what’s going on with the toy when your dick is inside it. Well, cool. But it just seems like a lot of bells and whistles that don’t really mean anything in terms of how you can use the data to customize your jack off time to make it even better. Here’s hoping some clever jacker with skills will actually use the SDK to design a downloadable app that really takes all of this technology to a new level.


Honestly, once you push your dick inside it, it’s pretty nice. I love frenulum stimulation, and one of the motors was pretty perfectly placed for this. Of course, I’d like it better if the vibrations had more versatility. Is there a way to switch to pulse patterns? I couldn’t find it on the app, and other than clicking the power on and off (which I already mention I love doing), I wasn’t able to find anything other than steady vibrations. Of course, the embedded sensors were causing things to happen under the silicone lining, and this feels great. The hard case vs. the softer/stretchier silicone makes for a nice grip on the outside, while the innards move with your dick.

Peepshow Toys notes in the listing at their online store: “This toy is not intended as a stroker. Its silicone sleeve is designed to remain stationary as the vibes travel through the user’s penis head and upper shaft.”

This is an important distinction; if you’re expecting something like a highly-textured Fleshlight stroker or another ribbed masturbation sleeve, you’re bound to be disappointed. That said, one of thing other things I enjoy doing with the F1s is slowly rotating it, allowing all sides of my dick to enjoy the vibrations and sonic waves, and the ability to position the buzzing motors directly on my sweet spot when I want to increase the pleasure.

This thing is waterproof as well, so try it out in the bath, pool, or shower. Be careful not to drop it, as the hard metal case could damage anything it strikes. Being waterproof makes it way easier to clean, as well. Rinse the lube and other fluids out of the inside after use with some warm water and then use the included cleaning spray to wash things out more thoroughly. As with any toy, allow it to dry completely before storing it. There’s a nice drawstring pouch you can keep the masturbator and the charging cord in, or simply place everything back in the box it came in. Even if you leave this thing sitting out on a table beside your bed, I don’t think anyone would suspect it’s a jack off toy unless they looked more closely at it. It almost appears to be a Bluetooth smart speaker of some sort, at first glance.

I think as far as vibrating penis masturbators go, I myself have more fun with something I can angle and move around, like the comfortable and buzzy Man Wand. (Read my review.) Since that toy has nothing to slide your dick into, it’s more versatile and works easily with the softest of penises and the stiffest of erections, allowing the user to tease any part of the cock or balls. The enclosed channel of the LELO F1s means you can only stimulate what you can put inside, which really limits what it can do if you’ve got a big dick. That said, every time I try this thing, I can’t dislike it. In fact, it makes me cum so good I keep reaching for it time and again. So with that said, I’m pretty glad I got to try it out. And I’m really looking forward to the day when I search the app store and find a app developed by a user who has created new ways to take the LELO F1s masturbator to new heights of pleasure. Until then, I’ll just keep ramming my dick into it and blowing loads. Oh well! 😀

Want to try out the kit for yourself? Pick up yours at Peepshow Toys using this link:

If you’d like to stimulate your hole and prostate, Peepshow Toys also stocks these LELO vibrating anal toys:

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*Just a note: the black “lube bottle” shown in the kit photo isn’t actually lube. It’s a paper coupon that can save you 30% off on a future purchase made directly from LELO. The included lubricant is 2 sample packets that look like wrapped condoms, so definitely make sure you have a good supply of lube before using your kit.


Product photos from Peepshow Toys


FTC Notice: This product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.


  1. I actually burnt out a F1 Developer.
    Honestly – wrecked it. BUT
    REASON: Be very careful if your manhood is pierced! Wild and with the F1 Developer for dudes whom have either ampallangs or apadrayvas.

    The original works like a charm on me and had it over 2 years.
    Buying another F1 Developer. Actually, it’s humorous. For I am NOT big, but have a dang mushroom head the really swells.

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