Tenga Hard Boiled Eggs for Masturbation

In 2015, I tested and reviewed three of the popular Tenga Egg masturbators. These were from Tenga’s “soft boiled” line and featured a thin stretchy membrane with a hollowed out core that easily fit over a penis (erect or otherwise) to deliver stimulation via a nicely-textured interior. At the time, there was a newer line of Tenga Eggs – Hard Boiled – that featured a thicker material. As much as I liked the original Eggs, the drawback was that the thin membrane could tear somewhat easily, especially if you were stretching it over a big dick or turning it inside-out for cleaning.

The Tenga Hard Boiled series consists of six different Eggs, each with a thicker, denser material. Like the Soft Boiled Eggs, each of the half dozen features its own unique internal texture. I purchased and tried out three of the six, and was quite pleased with the experience.

Like the original Tengas, to use you simply peel the plastic shrink-wrap and pop open the hard plastic container. It’s just like a plastic Easter egg. Inside, you’ll find your Tenga Egg masturbator. Pushed up inside the hollow core is a hard plastic peg. This device allow the Egg to keep its shape and holds a little foil packet of lubricant. This is a great bonus if you’re using the Egg while traveling and forgot to bring the lube. If you’re using your own lube, your favorite water-based lubricant will work best with Tenga Eggs. Once you’ve extracted the hard center and applied your lube, you’re ready to masturbate with your Egg.

The first Egg I tried was the Misty. The walls of this Egg are lined with tiny raised bumps. This one is great for guys who want some texture, but don’t want something that’s overly detailed or intense. I immediately noticed how much stronger and stretchier the “hard boiled” material was, but it certainly seemed to expand as much as the thinner Eggs. While the texture was a little too delicate for my usual tastes, I found that the Misty nodules were perfect for a long slow edging session. It was just enough texture to tease my cock’s erogenous zones, but not too much where I was getting too close too fast. If you’re looking for a light texture and/or want something that will slowly get you off, try the Misty. The mini nubs were perfect for extra head stimulation if you (like me) have extra-sensitive glans and don’t want something that’s too intense.

After a nice long session with the Misty texture, I was curious how much difference the Crater texture would be. Turns out… a lot! Like the Misty, the Crater Egg is lined with many bumps. Okay, not as many, because the Crater nubs are much larger and much more defined. Definitely a nice raised three-dimensional texture. Turned inside-out, the Crater surface looks like the suckers on an octopus. This is a great one for guys who love a nice texture rubbing their cock, and you’ll get some nice stroking on your shaft, frenulum, and dick head from the Crater. I was brought close to orgasm much faster with the Crater texture, but these toys (even the Hard Boiled Eggs) are light enough to leave on your cock for an extended “cool down” period, if you need to stop the stimulation at any time to keep yourself from nutting too quickly. I’m pretty sure I made the comparison in my original Tenga Egg review, and it bears repeating: you really can’t leave most masturbators on your cock while you’re trying to calm down and not cum. Fleshlights and chunky “insertables” are just too heavy for this. Once you fit your dick inside a stretchy Tenga Egg, it should stay penetrated until you’re finished. And because of the lightness, you can easily position the Egg just where you want it, and even rotate it around the top portion of your cock. It feels great, and really provides a nice sensation with the textured nubs tickling your glans and frenulum. Even with the thicker Hard Boiled material you can still rub your fingers into the Egg and give any part of your cock a precision massage. Try it!

The Thunder texture was the third and final Hard Boiled Tenga Egg I tried, and this one had the most intense texture of any of them. With long vertical ridges shaped like lightning bolts, the internal texture presents as something like a pinwheel or the leaves of a succulent plant. Because of the vertical nature of this texture, it’s great if you like to spin your masturbator. It doesn’t turn as quickly as the other two, probably due to the definition of the texture, but it still feels good. The ridges will stroke your cock nicely when you turn it, and when you switch to an up-and-down motion, you’ll get an entirely different sensation.  Turns out I prefer the bumpier textures, but the Thunder still provided a nice jack off session.

Turns out – for me – the added thickness and firmer material in the Hard Boiled really make a difference. The Eggs are still easy to put on and keep on, and they stretch as easily as the thinner Soft Boiled masturbators. With the tougher skin, it didn’t feel like the head of my dick was going to poke through as easily, and they were much easier to flip inside-out to clean when I was done. Speaking of which: when you’re finished simply fill the chamber with hot water to rinse out any semen and lube that remains inside. Wash them carefully with soap. I turned each Egg inside-out and cleaned it well, and left them to dry on a folded paper towel. Once the interior is completely dry, turn them back to their original state and make sure the smooth exterior is clean and dry. When no evidence of moisture is apparent, slide the hard plastic peg back inside your Tenga Egg and position it inside the two halves of the plastic case. Just make sure not to put it away wet, because your Egg will get contaminated and then you’ll have to throw it out.

If you’ve always wanted to try a small stretchy masturbator, I’d definitely recommend the Hard Boiled Tenga Eggs. You can purchase them individually or in multi-packs. There are three additional textures — Cloudy, Surfer (both swirled), and Shiny (raised ridges radiating from a central nub) — you can try. While Tenga Eggs aren’t built to last long-term, the low cost and ease of use make them a good buy for guys who want to add a little extra sensual stimulation to their jack off routine. You can pick up your Tenga Hard Boiled Eggs from:

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