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Today’s review is for another penis pump. On the heels of the pair of Blush manual penis pumps that I recently tried out, comes the Maia Jackson Rechargeable Penis Pump. As you might guess from the name, this vacuum pump is powered by a rechargeable battery and the pumping action is all automated. Peepshow Toys has been adding more “beginner” pumps to their collection and asked if I’d give this one a shot and share my thoughts, so let’s take a look.

The Jackson pump has three basic components. The first is a clear, hard plastic cylinder that’s open on both ends. To the top opening you’ll affix the second piece, which is the motorized pump.  The third piece is a flexible silicone “pump seal” that wraps around the bottom opening and allows the user to obtain a better airtight seal during use. Like all penis pumps, it works by placing your cock into the cylinder and utilizing the pump to remove the air from inside and increase the size (at least during use) of your penis. Before you can use this pump, you’ll need to charge up the battery.

Maia includes a short charging cord that easily inserts into a tiny port on the black pump head’s control panel. This is the second Maia toy I’ve reviewed (see the review for the Maia Suck Blucker here) and neither toy came with any comprehensive user instructions. I get that some sex toys don’t really need instructions, but it’s pretty handy to have a user’s guide of some sort when you’re dealing with electronics. Just because I’ve tried out a ton of these things, doesn’t mean that everyone who buys one of these will have experience with the ins and outs of the product. Anyhow, charging is pretty straightforward. Pop the plug into the jack and place the other end into a compatible USB charging port. The blue light on the control panel will flash on and off while charging and once this light turns solid, the pump is ready to use.

Another reason you’d want detailed instructions is a lot of first-time pump users have never tried this sort of thing before. While it’s fairly simple to figure out the basics, anyone trying out penis pumping is placing a delicate body part into a tube and vacuuming the air out. This creates a lot of pressure, which can cause discomfort or injury if you don’t know what you’re doing. I’ll try to be as detailed as I can in this review, so if you’re trying pumping for the first time, you have some helpful information to consult while using your pump.

Before sliding your penis inside, place the black pump onto the top opening of the cylinder. You’ll note there’s a red ring inside the inner groove. Make sure this is firmly in place (mine was) before pushing the pump onto the top of the tube. This helps created the needed seal for vacuum pump sessions. Once the pump is firmly seated, take the silicone pump sleeve and stretch it over the other end of the tube. Try and keep it smooth and tight, allowing the entry hole to fall in the center of the opening. Now the pump is ready to use.

I like to use a lubricant on my penis during pump sessions and have found that an oil-based lube works great for this purpose. I don’t use too much; just apply a thin coat from the base of your penis to the tip. The nice thing about using a pump with a bottom sleeve is that you don’t really have to push your penis into the hole. The pump will pull it right in. Go ahead and start the pump. The first button — marked with a + sign — also doubles as the Power control. The first click will turn the electronics on and you’ll see a single blue light. When you’re ready to start the pump itself, give the + another click. A second red light comes on, indicating that the pump is operating at 10 kPa. This is actually the first penis pump I’ve used without inHg (inches of mercury) notations, so I had to do a little legwork to convert inHg to kPa (kilopascals). Since the Maia pump is electronic, you won’t have the luxury of fine tuning the pressure as you would with a hand-operated pump.

Anyhow, I prefer to keep the pressure around the recommended 4 to 6 inHg when using a manual pump, so the equivalent in kPa would be about 13.5 kPa, upwards to just over 20 kPa. The first setting — 10 kPa — gives a nice amount of suction, without any discomfort, so I found it was good to start there and work my way up. Each successive click of the + button adds another 10 kPa to the pressure, so you’ll have 5 different settings (10, 20, 30, 40, 50). Once you hear the pump motor running, gently press the head of your cock against the opening in the sleeve. The vacuum should be great enough to slowly pull your glans inside, with the shaft to follow. Once the root of your dick is comfortably inside, the penis itself should start to swell. Allow the pump to remove more air, but don’t continue when it reaches the point where it’s uncomfortable or painful. The Jackson pump actually has a great shut-off feature, which is something I found lacking in at least one other motorized pump that I tried in the past. Another benefit of manual pumping is you have greater control over how much air you pull out of the tube, or how quickly you can release the pressure. This electronic pump does allow for fairly rapid stopping and/or release. When you reach the desired point of pressure, press the third button (marked with a  symbol). The pump should immediately drop from 10 kPa to 0, however the pressure isn’t automatically released at this point. This is actually great for those who want to hold the pressure at the current level. If you need to reduce the pressure in the tube, use the middle button — marked AIR RELEASE — and it does exactly that. The seal should swiftly be broken. If you need further/faster relief, once you hit the AIR RELEASE, simply pop the pump off the top of the tube. Of course, don’t try to remove the pump while it’s still under pressure.

If you’re still under pressure and want to increase the vacuum, use addition clicks to the + button to increase the internal pressure. 20 kPa seems like a good “top level” for me as a beginner pumper, so it’s nice to know there are three additional levels I can work my way up to. I did try the other three and — while the pressure did feel substantially increased — I didn’t feel like my dick was in dire shape from excess pressure during the short time I experimented. Remember a key rule: allow your body to tell you when it’s time to ease back. If things start to hurt or you feel discomfort, release the pressure and ease off. You can always pump it back up as soon as you’re ready to go again. I try to stick within a 15-20 minute pump session, just to keep from “overpumping” my cock and causing negative effects, like burst blood vessels or unsightly swelling.

If you like to “measure” your progress, the clear tube makes seeing everything very easy (it does tend to steam up during use, so you might have to release and remove the layer of fog), and both sides of the tube are marked with a ruler. For some reason, Maia uses the metric ruler for both sides, so those who want measurements in inches will have to do a bit of conversion to see where they land. Speaking of the cylinder, it feels a little thinner and cheaper than some of the other pumps I’ve tried recently, but it seemed to hold up just as well during the short sessions I put it through, even at higher pressures.

I wish the sleeve cap was a little less flimsy. I tend to like the “sleeveless” pump cylinders that create a decent seal without the use of an extra piece, but this sleeve didn’t work too badly. It was definitely easier to create a good vacuum and even helped keep my balls from being pulled up into the tube (which is the main issue I have with the sleeve-free pumps). I do think a thicker cap would hold up better, but the thinner sleeve is a bit easier to remove after the pump session. In every instance, I had to remove the sleeve from the tube and s-t-r-e-t-c-h it open to pull my dick out when I was done. Not a huge issue, but it might make for a shorter lifespan for the sleeve. Happily, you can find pump sleeve caps as stand-alone products, so you can find a replacement or even upgrade to a thicker one without much issue. Those who wish to upgrade, may do well to bump themselves up to a better grade of pump, if they decide to make a habit of penis pumping or want to do it more than just occasionally. But all things considered, for an electronic penis pump, the Maia Jackson pump isn’t all that bad for first timers. Give it a shot! Oh, and with both end pieces removable, it’s quite easy to clean up the tube when you’re done, too.

You can order the Maia Jackson Rechargeable Penis Pump from Peepshow Toys using the following link:

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