Njoy Pure Wand Guide: G-Spot and Prostate Fun

I was recently asked to contribute to a user guide for one of Njoy’s best sex toys: the double-ended Pure Wand. Phallophile Reviews has just published Njoy Pure Wand Techniques: Tips for G-Spot and Prostate Pleasure.

reviewed the Pure Wand back in 2013 and added it to My Favorites at that time. Five years later, it’s still one of my favorite toys for concentrated prostate massage. While my original review touches on how to use the stainless steel wand to massage your P-Spot, putting together the Prostate Massage section of the guide was an opportunity to share more detailed techniques.

Beginners will really appreciate this primer. From choosing a good lube, to safety and comfort tips (it’s 1.5 pounds of medical grade stainless steel, after all), this is a comprehensive guide for everyone. New to prostate play? There’s even a link to a short video primer that will help you or your partner locate your prostate. Does your partner have a G-Spot? The front end of the guide contains everything you need to know about using your Pure Wand for G-Spot Massage. The Njoy Pure Wand is a truly versatile toy in that it can bring pleasure to just about any user.

Now go check out the guide!

Njoy Pure Wand Technique (Phallophile Reviews)

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Pure Wand image from Njoy

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