Oxballs Grinder Silicone Ball Stretcher

The Grinder Silicone Ball Stretcher from Oxballs is just one of the new additions to Peepshow Toys for those looking for some nut stretching fun. I’ll be doing reviews for four separate Oxballs pieces in the coming days, so if you’ve been wanting to wrap or tug your nuts with a decent silicone piece, you’ll want to check these out.

The Grinder is a weighty ring that has a height of 1.75″, which offers a decent amount of stretch for users who have played with these types of toys before. The inner diameter of the Grinder is 1⅜” and the outer diameter is 2⅝” — this is a chunky ball stretcher! Even though it’s made of silicone (opposed to metal), it weighs 3.5 ounces, so it’s going to offer a decent amount of tug on those nuts. Due to the size, Oxballs recommends this piece for those with medium to larger nuts.

Imagine this wrapped around your nutsac…

The ring is made (in Oxballs’ Los Angeles facility) out of premium silicone, a great body-friendly material. Not only is silicone a better choice for those with sensitive skin, but it allows for longer sessions. Both in inner hole and the outer aspect of the Grinder ring sports a diagonal groove texture, which not only gives the stretcher an interesting look, but helps it grip the flesh of your ballsac during use. It gives your partner something to rub during sex, if you choose to put this thing on while having some fun. The ring itself is nice and thick, which gives it some heft, and helps to keep those balls from pulling up while you’re wearing it. That’s what makes ball stretchers so much fun; your balls want to pull up during climax and with the Grinder holding them back, you may experience a prolonged/more intense orgasm. I typically do, which is the main reason I enjoy wearing one from time to time. The thickness of the Grinder stretcher really keeps your balls tugged down.

Another reason to put this on is to stretch your sac and make your balls look more pronounced. Like ’em licked, sucked, or played with during sex? A ball stretcher could be just what you need to put them on display and make them more sensitive to stimulation (your own, or a playmate’s). Once you get this thing on, try putting on a jockstrap, your favorite pair of undergear, or a tight pair of jeans; the Grinder stretcher will likely make for a more defined bulge, and the silicone material makes wearing it for longer sessions more comfortable. It’s still a tight fit, at least on me, so make sure to wear it around the house for awhile before venturing out with it on, just to make sure you can handle a long-wear session. Unlike a metal stretcher, though, this one is a lot easier to remove in a pinch, so even if you need to duck into a restroom, relief isn’t far away.

Oxballs Grinder: two side views

The silicone used for this gear is pretty soft, which makes it easier to stretch the ring when you’re putting it on or taking it off. Just slide your fingers through the inner hole and slowly stretch it open so you can work both of your balls through to the other side. Silicone warms nicely to your body temperature, so it’s a good choice for comfortable, long-term wear. The silicone is soft enough to make longer sessions manageable, but the grip this thing has (at least for me), makes you aware that you’ve got it on the entire time. Want an even tighter fit? I found that you can actually twist the ring inside-out, giving the Grinder an even snugger inner diameter. The difference isn’t huge, but it was certainly noticeable to me.

Do you have a difficult time putting on a ball stretcher, especially a thicker one like this? Try adding a small amount of water-based lubricant to the inner portion of the ring, which makes it go on easier and gives it less “grab” during use. You might want to warm up the stretcher before putting it on as well; just run it under some warm or hot water for a bit and the silicone heats up easily. This stretcher also cleans up after use with some hot water and soap. Just let it dry completely before storing.

In the end, I think the Oxballs Grinder is a great ball stretcher for those who have already used this type of gear before, or know they want something fairly thick and weighty. If you’re a beginner at ball play, unsure of this type of device is too advanced for you, or have a set of smaller/tighter balls, you might want to start out with something like the Oxballs Cock-T Cock Ring. Made of the same silicone, but with a thickness of 1 inch, this cock ring can actually double as a somewhat thinner ball stretcher! Give that one a shot, before upgrading to one of the thicker Oxballs models. [Read my review.]

But with the easy stretch on/off of the silicone and the soft comfort for long-wear sessions, the Grinder strap is perfect for those who want something thick and tight without having to worry about screwing around with a solid metal ball stretcher or a possibly-uncomfortable leather strap-style stretcher. Ready to pick up the Oxballs Grinder for your nuts? Use the link below to pick it up from Peepshow Toys:

Be sure to check out the all the other reviews I’ve done for Peepshow Toys. Once you’ve taken care of your balls, check out the Cock Rings selection, find a new Masturbator, and add some Anal Toys to your collection. Don’t forget the Lubrication! Want to save 10% off your order? Use coupon code allmalesextoys during checkout.


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FTC Notice: The Oxballs Grinder Ball Stretcher was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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