Charlie Horse Kidney Prostate Massager from SquarePegToys®

Today I’m looking at another fun silicone plug from SquarePegToys® — the Charlie Horse Kidney Prostate Massager. The Charlie Horse Kidney is one of two similar plugs I’m reviewing; the other is the Charlie Horse Milk It plug. (Review of that one is forthcoming!)

I’m doing this review for Peepshow Toys, and like most of the SquarePegToys® items they stock, the Charlie Horse Kidney is molded from SuperSoft bronze silicone. This makes the toys comfortable, skin- and body-safe, odor free, and designed to have a long life of enjoyment. This particular butt plug was designed for long-term sessions, so rest easy in the fact that the “US-sourced, 100% Platinum Grade Silicone” used in these toys is perfect for anal play and long sessions. The design — from the curved tip, the bulged middle, the tapered neck, and the perfect base — is also quite good for long-term wear as well.

SquarePegToys® Charlie Horse Kidney: Nice curves, big bulge, comfortable base

When you first glance at the Charlie Horse Kidney, it’s easy to see where it gets its name. The plug has curved shape and quite a large bulge in the middle, giving the toy a kidney-like shape. Despite its curvy design, the plug itself is super smooth and very squishy. The “SuperSoft” silicone definitely lives up to its name. Like the other SuperSoft toys from SquarePegToys®, the Kidney is a beautiful copper color and not only has a bit of a metallic shimmer to it, but has some interesting whorls of deep color where you can see the material has been mixed before the plug was molded. Here are some measurements: 5.9″ total length, 6.5″ maximum circumference, and an approximate diameter of 2.07 inches. I took some of my own measurements before using the plug and found the “insertable length” to be about 5 inches. The curved tip has a diameter of about 1.60″ and the narrower neck between the bigger bulge and the anal-safe base runs just over an inch in length and has a diameter of approximately 1.09″. As I mentioned, the silicone is super soft, squishy, and fairly stretchy, so I wasn’t sure what it would be like trying to work this thing inside my hole. Here’s what I experienced when I tried.

I typically use a water-based lube on silicone toys, but Peepshow Toys included a container of The Butters oil-based lube (Read my review) with these SquarePegToys® plugs, so I decided to give that a shot. The Butters is a nice thick lubricant (it looks and feels like — surprise! — butter, so it’s easy to spread it on a toy like this. Luckily, the SquarePegToys® silicone is compatible with oil-based lubes, so give it a shot. When using anything other than water-based lubes, I like to lay a thick towel down under my play surface, just in case the lube wants to gravitate to bed sheets or other fabrics. Using a towel is a precaution and it definitely makes clean up a lot easier.

Once the plug was greased with lube, I proceeded with insertion. The softer silicone may be more difficult to put in than firmer material, but the lube really helped. The tip of the plug is nicely rounded, but it’s still a little thick, so I employed a “poke” penetration method: gently push the tip into the (lubricated) hole, and pull it back. Push again and try to ease a bit more of the plug into your hole before sliding the toy back out a bit. Keep pushing forward and easing back until you start making progress. The Kidney has a fairly thick bulge in the center and — for me — this was a bit difficult to work in. Add more lube if needed, but it’s more important to relax and just take it slow. If you force it, it’s likely to cause pain or discomfort and could end up making the play session a lot less fun. I’m happy to report that once I was able to work the thick bulge in, the rest of the toy was easily swallowed up, with the base coming to rest comfortably against my hole and crack. Any discomfort I felt trying to work the thick part of the Kidney inside me, was immediately gone. Once inserted, the plug felt filling, but extremely soft and comfortable. I was already loving this thing.

Also due to the softness, I wasn’t experiencing a ton of intense prostate stimulation. Typically, with firmer toys, I feel a wonderful grinding sensation as the toy offers little give as it presses on the sensitive prostate gland. I didn’t really feel that with the Kidney, but after keeping the plug in awhile, I started to feel some nice (and unexpected) jolts from my P-spot as I shifted around with the plug inside me. Once I realized that moving around was stimulating my spot, I kept changing positions, just to see which ones were better at causing those wonderful little jolts. For me, sitting in a chair with the plug in and slowly leaning forward worked the best. Even when I wasn’t feeling the powerful spikes, my cock was constantly leaking precum, which is always a clear sign that my prostate is getting worked over. The plug is easily reversible if you prefer even less prostate contact; simply insert the plug backwards so the angled portion doesn’t come in contact with the area where the prostate gland is situated.

The SquarePegToys® Charlie Horse Kidney Prostate Massager as seen from either side view

I can’t say enough about how comfortable it is to keep this plug in for an extended period of time. Even when a toy itself fits inside me and feels great, often the external portion of the toy (the base) will start to irritate me and necessitate having to remove the thing before I’m really ready. In this case, the base is just as soft and flexible as the rest of the toy, so while it’s keeping the plug safely anchored, it’s not really causing anything unpleasant. I knew it was time to put it in, and wear it out….

Before wearing the Kidney out in public, I wanted to leave it in for a little while. I put it in (again, with a thick layer of The Butter lube) while naked and got it comfortably seated in position. Once again I was amazed at how comfortable such a relatively large plug is once it’s up inside the butt. After a bit, I put on a pair of briefs, then decided to add a tighter pair of boxer briefs over those. I confess this was mostly because I was unsure what effect the oil-based lube would have on my clothing. The Butters did leave some slight staining on the briefs, so definitely wear something you don’t mind having stained just in case, or — better yet — use a good water-based lube (like Sliquid’s Sassy) so you won’t have to worry.

Once fully dressed, I ventured out with the Charlie Horse Kidney up inside me. Even while walking (for nearly an hour!), I was aware of the plug up there, but it really was at no time uncomfortable. While it didn’t give me any mind-blowing prostate stimulation, it still was — at times — incredibly pleasant to have it up there while out walking around in public. The plug stayed firmly seated the entire time, though I confess a few times I had myself a discreet “plug press” just to ensure the thing was not coming out of my hole (it wasn’t). Pressing on the base to check the plug caused the most intense prostate spikes, so that was probably the main reason I kept re-checking it. Once I was back from my walk, the plug took a little more work (than the other session) to remove, probably because the lubricant had liquefied during the hour-plus the plug was up there. If this happens to you, just rub a little new lube on the neck and around your hole and work it slowly in and out as you try to retract it. With the thick, bulbous knot in the center of the plug, your hole is going to have to give quite a bit to remove the Kidney, so extra lube can only help. Once it’s free, scrub it good with soap and hot water (I used a blue dishwashing liquid that works good on grease, mostly because of the lube). If you need some extra deodorizing after leaving the plug inserted anally for a long session, SquarePegToys® recommends spraying the silicone plug with a good enzyme-based pet odor remover spray and sealing it for a few hours in a zip-type plastic bag, or cleaning the silicone surface with a soft cloth soaked with 100% acetone (nail polish remover — make sure it’s the 100% acetone type) immediately followed by a wash with soap and water.

After having tried it two different ways, I definitely enjoyed the Charlie Horse Kidney plug more at home, where I could be naked and applying pressure to the base of the plug for added prostate stimulation. Sure, both ways felt great and if you enjoy putting a nice plug up your butt and leaving it in for long sessions and/or wearing an anal plug out in public, I’d definitely recommend this one for that purpose. It’s so damn comfortable! Even though the softer silicone didn’t grind against my P-spot like firmer toys might, the ongoing rubbing still felt very pleasant and resulted in a bigger cumload every time I masturbated with the plug stuffed up inside me. Be sure to bear down on the toy as you feel your orgasm start and things will feel very intense while you’re cumming.

Of course I added this one to My Favorites. Ready to see if it will be one of yours? Use the following link to purchase from Peepshow Toys in SuperSoft Bronze silicone:

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Product images from Peepshow Toys

FTC Notice: This product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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