Swiss Navy Premium Masturbation Cream

Looking for a thick oil-based cream that’s just for jacking off? Coat your cock with Swiss Navy Premium Masturbation Cream and start stroking.

One of the things I’ve always loved about using the Internet is it’s sometimes your own personal confessional. A friend (who probably wouldn’t have even admitted to masturbating in a face to face setting) excitedly told me about this jack off cream he’d been turned on to (by someone on the Internet, no doubt). Oil based, thick, and breaks down into a silky liquid after so many strokes. I won’t mention the name of that product in this review for Swiss Navy Premium Masturbation Cream, but I tried it, I loved it and merrily masturbated my way through the entire tube. Why bring it up now? That brings me to another thing I’ve always loved about the Internet….the ability to try new things. Like jack off lube.

When I went to replenish the a-fore-not-mentioned lube with a new tube, the Premium Masturbation Cream by Swiss Navy caught my eye. I won’t be comparing the two, since I don’t have both on hand, and – from my own memory – one feels just as good as the other.

When it comes to reviewing lubes, I prefer to stick to the basics:

This is an oil-based lube and should probably only be used for masturbation. Oil will eat through latex and other materials, so never use it with condoms or your favorite sex toys. Like most lubricants with an oil base, Swiss Navy Premium Masturbation Cream is long lasting. Unlike many water-based lubes, you aren’t constantly reaching for the tube to keep reapplying. This oil-based product is thick. It’s almost like a paste and you’ll want to put some on your fingers and spread it around your penis like butter or margarine. In its solid state, it will pretty much stay where you smear it, so you don’t have to worry about it dripping all over. Being an oil-based lube, though, it will stain, so take care around clothing, linens, furniture and other materials you don’t want an oily stain on if you happen to get a little carried away. I like to keep a tissue or even a clean cloth nearby to wipe my hand or wipe up any excess.

The great thing about this lube is how it breaks down when you start to stroke your cock. In a fairly short amount of time, it will turn from a solid cream into a slippery oil. It’ll feel kind of thick and messy to start, but soon you’ll be enjoying a silky smooth experience as friction breaks the cream down into a liquid.

Did I mention it’s long lasting? Usually the only time I have to re-apply the Swiss Navy cream is if I have a super-long session and I’m actually stopping before I bring myself off. The only other times I have to add more lube is when I start out light to begin with and need to add some more to coat my entire shaft, or smear some more on my cock’s head. While I love edging and focusing on my frenulum and glans, this Swiss Navy lube tends to feel better (to me) when I coat the entire length of my dick, from the root of my penis to the tip. You can kind of play around with how much you put on, until you find the perfect amount for you. Once you’ve finished yourself off, just grab your tissue or handy cloth and wipe the leftover lubricant from your penis. Remember, this stuff is oil-based, so take care not to get it on your furniture or clothing (assuming you’re wearing any).

The lube comes packaged in a squeezable 5 ounce tube with a flip-top cap. It’s pretty easy to squeeze it out, but once you’ve masturbated your way through most of the container, you might find it’s a little difficult to push out enough of the lube to get yourself properly coated. Once you start having to struggle with it, it’s time to order a new one!

Swiss Navy has a lot of good lubes (water-based, silicone and hybrids) and I’ll be reviewing some of the others in their line. But if you’re looking for a good lube to have on hand just for masturbation, especially if you’re up for a leisurely slow stroke with a nice long-lasting sensation, this goes on thick/turns silky Swiss Navy Premium Masturbation Cream is a great addition to your lube collection.

You can order Swiss Navy Masturbation Cream here:

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