Tenga Flip Zero Masturbator

In the past I’ve tested and reviewed some of the smaller Tenga masturbation toys (namely the Tenga Eggs), but today I’m looking at one of the larger, higher end Tenga masturbators: the Tenga Flip 0.

The Tenga Flip Zero is actually an upgrade on a previous masturbator, the Flip Hole, a hand-held masturbation toy that could not only be penetrated, but offered sensation control in the form of three push buttons spaced along the canister. The Flip Zero is very similar, but offers a more seamless orifice, a more streamlined body, and a finer tuned control bar (there’re actually two of them! One on either side of the masturbator) that replaces the Flip Hole’s three buttons. There are two different models of the Flip Zero and I tried the white one. There’s also a black model which features a the same internal texture, but sports a firmer material.

The Black version features a firmer material than the softer White

The Flip Zero is a pretty chunky toy. It weighs in at about a pound and measures just over 7 inches long. The insertable length of the fuckable chamber is 6.30″ and the chamber’s width is 2 inches. Entry is gained through a nondescript (i.e. basic round hole) orifice in the base. The first benefit you’ll note with the Flip Zero is that it can be easily opened. A hard plastic shell surrounds the internal TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) sleeve. A long plastic U-shaped “lock” slides up and out of a track on either side of the case, allowing the toy to be split open. Once you pull the Flip Zero open, you’ll note that the sleeve is actually one long cross section, with three distinct texture areas on either side. Unlike the earlier Flip Hole masturbators, the Flip Zero’s orifice is intact, which makes for a nicer penetration and less “excess” material to get in the way while thrusting in and out. With the toy split open, the user can easily wash the toy before use, or even run some hot water over the clear TPE material, which will warm it up nicely before sliding in. You’ll get lube right where you want it since you can place it in just the right spot(s). Add as much or as little as you desire, then close the toy and lock the two halves with the plastic U-shaped bar.

The plastic “push bar” on either side of the softer sleeve not only allows for some concentrated stimulation in the exact spot you’d like it, but it helps control the internal vacuum while using the toy. Go ahead and squeeze the bars just as you start to penetrate and feel the toy start to pull you inside. If you’re looking for a decent masturbator to replicate oral sex, this gentle sucking sensation really delivers. It also enables those who aren’t quite erect to successfully enter the toy. Compared with many sleeve-type masturbators, the Flip Zero isn’t an overly tight one, but it’s still pretty snug if you have difficulties with penetration. Here’s a helpful tip: before closing the two halves of the sleeve back up, pull the head of your cock through the orifice of the toy, which is exactly in the center of the spread-open sleeve. Pull as much of your cock through the opening as possible (use extra lube if needed), and gently close the halves of the sleeve with your cock already inside. (Lock the sleeve up with the plastic device.) Once you’re sealed inside, manipulate the side bars to create a vacuum and/or deliver targeted stimulation to your cock. I’ve found that slowly rotating the Flip Zero with your cock inside feels very nice, too.

Both Flip Holes sport the same internal texture; the White is softer, the Black is firmer

Like many sleeve masturbators, the fun is in sliding in and out of the textured sleeve, and the Flip Zero is quite wonderful in that regard. As I mentioned earlier, the white model has a softer material, while the black version is firmer. Both are quite nicely textured, so if you prefer softer, more sensual sensations, you might prefer the white version. Of course, you can increase the amount of pressure in either model by utilizing the vertical bars on either side. Personally, I absolutely loved the softer feel of the white Flip Zero. It was just enough delicious sensation to keep my dick in a near-constant state of stimulation without getting myself too close, too quickly. Once I was fully engorged, it actually felt better to leave my hard dick wedged all the way inside and simply massage it using either one of the plastic bars on the side. Massaging the root of my cock with the lower portion of the bar felt an awful lot like a deepthroat blowjob, while teasing the top edges of the toy gave a mind-blowing head massage. Alternating between upper and lower was a great contrast, and kept me completely stimulated while allowing me time to “cool down” so I wouldn’t cum before I was ready. My favorite sensation was sliding all the way in, since there’s a great circular-shaped pocket with soft ticklers that works wonders for gentle head teasing.

When you are ready to lose control, you’ll enjoy the option of unloading deep inside the toy. Often times, with enclosed masturbators, I am reluctant to ejaculate inside the toy. So often they are difficult to clean, but not so with the Flip Zero. Once you’ve unloaded, simply undo the lock, pry open the sleeve, and clean the inner chamber easily under hot running water. It couldn’t be easier! In fact, the hinge on this Tenga toy makes it easy to leave the toy in an open position so it dries more quickly and completely. The last thing you want to do is store a damp masturbation toy and find out it’s got a weird odor or some kind of moldy growth the next time you pull it out to use it.

Tenga Flip Holes have a hard storage case that doubles as a drying stand

Once the Flip Zero is dry, reassemble the toy and pop it back onto its included stand. A clear dome lid snaps neatly over the stroker to keep everything clean and dry. If you’ve ever lost an expensive masturbator to “toy drawer clutter,” you’ll realize what a nice feature this it. The hard dome will keep your Flip Zero protected from becoming crushed or misshapen. While Tenga’s stuff doesn’t have an indefinite shelf life, if you take care of your Flip Zero before and after each use, you should get a lot of good strokes out of it. I recommended this very sex toy to a friend of mine a couple of years ago and he recently informed me that — after near daily use — his Flip Zero is still teasing out the cumloads as well as it did when he first opened it up. Of course, when he replaces it, he’s now looking at upgrading to one of the vibrating models. I haven’t tried one of these myself, but they sure look fun. With a two vibrators to tease both the shaft and the head, this opens up a whole new element to stroker fun. For now, I’m content to enjoy the sensual strokes of my white Flip Zero. Are you ready to try one? It’s already been added to My Favorites!

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Product photos from SheVibe

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