The New Clear Toys from Fleshjack

If you’re a fan of the Fleshjack Ice, or have been thinking of picking one up because you like the idea of a see-through masturbator, Fleshjack (a division of Fleshlight) has recently released two new clear sex toys that you have to check out.

Pretty much a smaller version of the Fleshjack Ice, the Fleshjack Go Torque Ice is a traditionally-shaped Fleshlight masturbator featuring a clear textured internal sleeve, a clear orifice, and a hard plastic see-through case. The Torque model has a varied internal texture to stimulate your cock, and an original non-sexual (i.e. not a butthole or a mouth) orifice to slide into.

Just like the slightly larger Ice model, you’ll be able to see your cock sliding in and out of the textured sleeve, thanks to all the transparent parts. If the idea of seeing what happens when you dump your load into a tight slot turns you on, you’ll be able to watch every spurt.

As a comparison, the larger Ice Fleshjack has a depth of 9 inches, where as the shorter Go Torque toy bottoms out at 7 inches. If you’re well endowed and like to go balls-deep in these types of toys, you might want to spring for the larger Ice, but if you’re looking for a more affordable, compact toy with a non-sexual orifice, the Go Torque might be just what you’re looking for.

Even shorter, the just-released Fleshlight Quickshot is one of the most interesting masturbators I’ve seen in awhile. The toy is made from the same material as the other Fleshlight Ice products, but sports a totally different design. The sleeve is only 3 inches deep, but features openings on both ends. Screw off the two end caps and you’re left with a hard plastic band that wraps around the middle of the softer textured sleeve. The Quickshot is available in two models, one that is completely clear (Vantage), and another that has a clear sleeve, but a black plastic case (Boost).

What makes the Quickshot so different from other Fleshlights is the way you can slide right through it. Do you prefer to slide your toys up and down, taking long strokes? The Quickshot would be perfect for that. One of the drawbacks to the larger deep-sleeved toys is that – when you unload inside them – they are more difficult to clean. With the Quickshot, you  just pop your dick through the other end, ejaculate, and none of your sticky cum is trapped inside.

The real appeal of the Quickshot is the way you can use it as a couples toy. Want to get your cock orally teased while you masturbate? You can pull the Quickshot down on your dick so the top inches pop out to be sucked on. Does your male partner want to feel the pleasure too? With the double open ends, you can lube both of your cocks, point the heads together, and slide the toy back and forth. Talk about a load popping experience.

If you’re ready to order one of these toys for yourself, visit Fleshlight (geared toward straight guys and couples) or Fleshjack (geared toward gay guys) today. Happy see-through stroking!


Product images from Fleshjack

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