What Happened to All the Sex Toy Videos?

One of the most popular aspects of All Male Sex Toys was the collection of sex toy videos I’ve posted over the years. If you’ve come here to watch these videos, you probably realize that many — if not most — of them have been scrubbed over the last few days from their respective sites… namely PornHub and Xtube.

Here’s an article that addresses the abrupt changes and unfortunately it looks like most of this content is gone for good.

So my apologies if you came to the site for video content and it’s no longer available. For now, why not visit my Twitter account, @allmalesextoys. I tend to retweet a lot of hot pic and video content that shows off some fun sex toys.There ARE a few videos I’ve linked to that are still available, so if you want to peruse the Sex Toy Video pages, maybe you can find something to enjoy.

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