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Time for another penis pump review! The first review I ever did for Peepshow Toys (back in October 2017) was for a high-end deluxe penis pump. A year-and-a-half later I’m still enjoying it, but they asked if I was willing to review a new pump from Blush Novelties, so let’s see how it, uh, measures up.

Peepshow actually sent me two different pumps, both of which were recently added to their collection and both come from Blush Novelties. Since the Blush Performance Vacuum Penis Pumps are essentially the same penis cylinder utilizing a different hand pump, I’m opting to combine the two in one review, since there isn’t a lot of difference in the pumps as a whole, or the actual pumping experience. In case you can’t tell from the photos above, one pump has a pistol-style pump (model VX6) and the other has a trigger-style pump (model VX7). Let’s take a look at the cylinder first.

A penis pump is really only as good as its cylinder. While many high-end “expert” pumps are made with beautiful thick cylinders, built to withstand the intense pressures created by the vacuum inside, many pumps you see on sex toy sites are the more economical “beginner” models, made with thinner, cheaper plastic that just doesn’t stand up to intense pumping and which very well might crack or split with repeated uses. These cheaper pumps are usually fine for those who want to experiment with penis pumping, but what if you’re looking for something more affordably priced than the high-end stuff that will actually give you a decent pump session? This is where Blush has got you covered. Their Performance pumps offer a “pro quality” experience at a more affordable price. What does this mean for the cylinders in these pump kits?

Both the VX6 and VX7 models come equipped with a thick clear acrylic tube that measures 9 inches in length and has a width of 2 inches. While the company does manufacture an assortment of longer (12 inches) and narrower/wider (1.75, 2.25, 2.50 inches) cylinders, which are sold individually and without pumps or tubing, I think a 9 x 2 tube is a good one for most to start with. Like other professional grade cylinders, this one has a flat lip around the bottom of the tube, which will help the user achieve an airtight seal. I actually prefer this design to pumps which employ a removable soft “cap” with a penetrable opening. The top of the cylinder also has a nice feature: a click-and-lock system to easily attach and detach the hose and pump from the tube itself. This makes it easier to switch tubes/pumps, remove the hardware for cleaning purposes and, most importantly, allows the user to hold the vacuum seal after pumping without even having the pump or tubing attached. One last feature I want to point out about the tubes before I move on to the pumps: each one has a measurement guide printed on the side. Not only can you measure your progress in inches, but the opposite side of the cylinder has a second ruler in metric, so anyone can chart their growth in their preferred unit of measurement.

Blush Novelties Performance Penis Pump Cylinder: 9″ x 2″ (pictured with VX7 pump)

You can’t create a vacuum without a pump, and Blush Novelties gives you two to choose from. The VX6 model has a pistol-style pump, and the VX7 comes equipped with a squeezable trigger pump. Each pump has some identical parts: the actual pump itself is brass and outfitted with a quick-release valve (a must for safe and comfortable penis pumping!) and an easy-to-read pressure gauge. Like the measurements on the cylinder, the gauge lists both inches and millimeters. More on this later. Each pump also has a 12-inch length of sturdy silicone hose, which is used to connect the pump to the cylinder. One end has a plastic nozzle that easily plugs into the aforementioned pressure lock at the top of the acrylic cylinder and the other end fits snugly onto the pump nozzle. Now, once your cock is inside the cylinder, you can squeeze the pump handle to remove the air from inside the tube. Let’s take a quick look at the two different handles before moving on to the actual pump experience.

Even though each model comes with a different style pump handle, I can’t really pick a favorite. The VX6 has a little bit longer handle and is made of metal and both pieces are covered with a very comfortable soft grip. This handle is used by gripping the finger indentations on the stationary piece and pushing the movable portion of the handle with the palm of your hand. It’s easy to use and very comfortable.

The VX7 model has the same brass pump and gauge, but the back of the pump housing is covered in the plastic sleeve which also accommodates the plastic squeeze-style handle. It’s kind of like the trigger you’d find on a wand at a car wash. Simply grip it like a handgun and squeeze with your fingers. Though the grip of the VX7 is made of plastic and not coated in any soft material like the VX6, I didn’t find it less comfortable to use. It’s a little lighter to hold in your grasp, so that’s a plus. In most cases, you’ll just be giving your pump a few short squeezes at a time, so either model offers a comfortable grip and works smoothly to vacuum the air out of your cylinder. If I had to favor one, I’d probably go with the VX6, since the components are metal and most likely will hold up longer than the plastic VX7 parts. But again, you aren’t going to be mauling either handle for hours (or even minutes) at a time, so select the one that seems to appeal to you more. Peepshow Toys currently has them both priced the same, so there isn’t even a price difference to consider.


The VX6 Performance Penis Pump shown with a list of its highlights

But how do they work? Pretty well, actually! The Blush Performance pumps couldn’t be easier to prepare for use. Attach the smooth end of the 12-inch black hose to the nozzle protruding from the brass pump cylinder and ease the white plastic nozzle at the other end of the hose into the lock at the top of the acrylic penis tube. The lock has a silver spring-loaded push button; press that in and carefully insert the end of the hose. Release the button and it locks into place. The pump itself is now ready to use. I suggest prepping your penis before you start your session, however.

What’s the best way to prep? I like to coat my dick with some sort of lubrication. You won’t need it to penetrate (if you do, this 2-inch tube is going to be too tight for you), but a good coating of lotion or lube will help keep your cock “conditioned” during the pumping. While pumping, I like to use a thin coat of an oil-based lube called The ButtersPeepshow Toys stocks this stuff and it works great for many toys and for masturbation and sex, so it’s not just for pumping, but it does work great for that too. [Read my review.] Anyhow, once my penis is greased up, I slip it inside the cylinder and press the flat lip around the bottom edge of the tube into the flesh of my lower belly and scrotum. The idea is you want to make a good seal so you can start to pump the air out of the cylinder while your cock is inside. Some like to trim/shave body hair from the base of the cock or around the pubic region, if it interferes with getting an airtight seal on the pump tube, but I’ve learned that flat edged cylinders are more forgiving in this regard, but consider trimming if you’re having an issue with everything being airtight.

The beginning of a pump session might be the most tricky, especially if you have a slender shaft or are starting out with an entirely flaccid penis. I’ve found that by allowing the skin of my ball sac to help cover the end of the tube helps with achieving that important initial seal. One thing you probably want to avoid (I say “probably,” because I don’t want to assume what someone else might like) is having one or both of your balls pulled up into the vacuum tube. This can be painful, especially once things inside the tube start to swell up. I like to use a basic cock ring or strap to help hold my balls back. Wrap the ring/strap around the upper portion of your ball sac, so the balls hang under it. This should be enough to keep them from being drawn up into the tube while you’re pumping. If your nuts still gravitate upwards, just use one of your hands to hold them back until you get your good seal. As your cock starts to grow inside the tube, the shaft should swell enough at the base to completely block the opening. Not only will you have a good airtight seal at this point, but you won’t have to worry about your testicles being sucked up into the cylinder. Another tip: I’ve found that pulling up on the tube slightly as I pump tends to create a great seal at the base of my shaft, which in turn allows everything above that point to swell as I vacuum more air out of the cylinder.

A good rule to remember with penis pumping (or any kind of sex toy use that could cause discomfort or potential injury) is go slow. It might look really hot to see your dick rapidly bloating up inside the tube, the shaft swelling thicker with each squeeze of the pump, the entire length expanding as you pump your way to a (temporarily, at least) bigger cock. But the easiest way to damage your dick is to go hog wild and pig crazy with one of these things. I did just that while using one of these Blush pumps and ended up with a little purple bruise at the root of my cock. While it isn’t painful (any more), there’s still a red spot to serve as a reminder to take my time while playing around with sensitive, blood-engorged body parts.

It’s recommended that you try and keep the needle on the pump’s gauge between 4 and 6 inHg. I’ve found that keeping mine around 5 inHg works for me; it’s a decent amount of pressure that makes things slowly swell, but doesn’t feel too uncomfortable. Keep your eye on the needle while pumping the handle and once you reach the point where it feels “right,” ease back. As the needle starts to fall, you can gently pump some more, increasing the pressure. If things feel too uncomfortable or you need to quickly reduce the internal pressure, just press the little black button under the gauge on either pump. This quick release valve will allow air back into the cylinder and will instantly relieve the pressure. Once it feels right, you can start to squeeze the pump handle again and resume the vacuum.

Many penis pumping resources suggest a pump session of no longer than 15-20 minutes at a time, starting out with only a few short sessions a week. This will give your penis time to recover between uses. If you overdo it in an attempt to gain quicker results, you may be doing more harm than good. Blush Novelties includes a little booklet with their pumps that gives some basic information as well as precautions to bear in mind. You should be able to see a noticeable enlargement while your cock is trapped inside the vacuum tube (be sure to note the measurements on the side of the tube, before and during your pump session). Even after you disengage the seal, your cock will likely maintain a nice swollen appearance for a little while after you’ve finished.

When you’re finished with your session, use the quick release valve to remove the vacuum. Unhook the tubing at the lock and carefully store the pump, handle and hose. The cylinder should be washed out after use, even if you didn’t use any lubrication. The penis tends to leak pre-ejaculatory fluids and you may even ejaculate while using your pump, so washing out the cylinder with soap and hot water after use is necessary. I’ve found the easiest way to clean out a pump tube is to use a long-handled bottle brush (make sure it’s at least 9 inches long) and scrub everything well with soap and water. Be sure to let the cylinder dry completely before storing  it. I typically hasten the drying process by folding a dry paper towel around the brush and using it to remove most of the water left inside. I’d also recommend store the pump and its cylinder unattached. This will help prevent damaging the connections during storage and will help extend the life of the silicone hose that connects the two components.

Whether you are using a pump to try and gain some permanent length/girth, using it as an aid for erectile dysfunction, or — like me — just enjoy watching your cock swell temporarily during a pump session, I think these Blush Novelties Performance Pumps are perfect for those who want to test drive a more professional-grade pump system made with high quality materials and utilizing sturdier components, without having to pay the steeper prices that some of the higher end pumps go for. While these two pumps are more expensive than lower quality “fun” pumps, I think they’d be a great choice for someone looking to upgrade without spending a fortune. Nicely done, Blush Novetlies!

Find both the VX6 and VX7 models of the Blush Performance Penis Pumps at Peepshow Toys, using these links:

Thanks to Peepshow Toys for letting me try these! Be sure to shop Peepshow Toys for lots of other fun sex toys and gear, like masturbators, cock ringsanal toysprostate massagers and lubricants. Enjoy 10% savings off your next order with coupon code allmalesextoys when checking out. Want to see what I think of the other stuff I’ve reviewed for Peepshow Toys? Read every review here!


Product images from Blush Novelties


FTC Notice: this product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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