SquarePegToys Wiggly Butt Plug & Prostate Massager

I’m coming to you today with another one of my new favorite sex toys! I’ve reviewed several of the SquarePegToys® silicone anal toys, but the one I am reviewing today just might be my favorite. (It’s definitely my favorite!) Peepshow Toys is an online adult retailer that stocks only body-safe sex toys, so the high quality, platinum silicone goods that are handcrafted by SquarePegToys® are a perfect fit for Peepshow Toys.

This time around I’m talking about a butt plug called the Charlie Horse Wiggly. I reviewed the Charlie Horse Kidney plug with its chunky/angled appearance, which is designed to apply pressure to one’s prostate region. After that, it was the Charlie Horse Milk It, a re-imagined version of the original Charlie Horse plug with a jagged edge (don’t worry, it’s made of softer silicone) to give more of a textured massage to this sensitive spot.

Both of those plugs sport a large bulge just above the narrower neck of the toys, and this bulge helps spread willing holes open and create a great “filling” feeling once the plugs are seated. The Charlie Horse Wiggly has a very similar design on the bottom part of the plug: the same arched anal-safe base, the rounded, narrower neck that holds your hole open, and the bulging thick part of the plug that fills the area just inside your hole. But the upper aspect of this Charlie Horse is different. Waaaay different.

Check out the picture of the Wiggly and you can probably guess how it got its name. Beyond the bulge is a long, squirmy protrusion that extends nearly seven inches beyond the widest part of the plug. It twists and grows more narrow as it reaches the tip. (Or, as far as penetration goes, it gets more and more thick as the toy sinks deeper into your ass.)

I’ll tell you why I was so eager to get my hands on this piece. Many years ago, I saw the most deliciously perverse amateur (i.e. “homemade”) porn clip on one of the tube sites. A well-hung, hairy top fellow was preparing an eager bottom for an anal reaming. With the camera positioned just between the guy’s spread legs, the top began to rim the waiting hole. At first the tongue-job was soft and delicate, the tip of the top’s tongue teasing the waiting hole. As the bottom began to respond (his hole opened to welcome this talented tongue), the viewer soon realized that the top’s tongue was long and quite exceptional. Like a curved, twisty dick, the tongue went deeper into the hole, sliding in and out, forcing the hole open even more. The top seemed to be fucking the bottom’s hole with his tongue, and showed no signs of relenting. He eventually stood up and replaced his amazing tongue with his erection, but the image of that hole swallowing up that long, twisty tongue has stayed with me. And that was honestly the first image that came to mind when I saw the Charlie Horse Wiggly.

This version of the Wiggly is solid black, which is a firmer silicone than the bronze Super Soft silicone that was used in every other SquarePegToys® plug I’ve tried. I actually wanted the firmer silicone this time around, because I knew exactly how I wanted to use this plug: like a tongue that went a little deeper into my ass with every slow, deliberate thrust. Not to worry, if you prefer this plug in the softer silicone, Peepshow Toys indeed has the Super Soft Charlie Horse Wiggly! (In two different colors.)

Even though the Charlie Horse Wiggly runs a total length of 9 inches, I wasn’t really concerned with whether or not I could insert the entire usable length of the toy. The “insertable length” isn’t listed on Peepshow Toys or the SquarePegToys® website, but I measured it as approximately 8.25 inches. Yes, this is one deep tongue. I used a thick water-based lube that Peepshow Toys stocks, called Wicked Simply Aqua Jelle. It goes on nice and thick and doesn’t drip all over. It really clings nicely to the toy and provides ample lubrication to the hole and beyond. NOTE: if you’re planning to go extra deep with the Wiggly, I’d recommend adding some supplemental lubricant directly inside your hole. This firmer silicone is pretty smooth, but it can grab your tender skin if things are not well greased up. Want something even thicker and longer lasting than a water-based lube can provide? Try The Butters, an all-natural oil-based formula that goes on even thicker than any water-based lubricant I’ve tried. I confess I used The Butters when I wanted to work the entire Wiggly into my hole, because I knew using an oil-based lube would help spread my slot enough to get the bulbous root of the plug inside me.

But before I talk to much about using this plug as a plug, let me go back to how it felt as a tongue. Absolutely amazing! Once it was properly lubed, I could dart the tip of the Wiggly in and out of my hole, feeling it slightly push me open when I dared to make my “rim job” a little deeper. Of course, I wanted to go as deep as possible, so once I was suitably relaxed, I did exactly that, allowing the Wiggly to twist even deeper inside me. I loved the way the rounded tip poked around inside me as the twisty part of the plug grew thicker. I also enjoyed slowly (or not so slowly) rotating the plug, to spin the tip inside me. Some good feeling were had with this thing!

Of course, most actual tongues aren’t as long and as thick as this toy, but who says you can’t enjoy fantasizing? I loved the bends in the shaft and feeling things grow thicker the deeper I went. I confess, I had so much fun giving myself a “deep tongue-job” with this thing, I wasn’t even worried about pushing the thick part of the plug past my hole and leaving the Wiggly entrenched inside me. I was enjoying fucking my hole with it, in and out, marveling at how deep I could feel it, and how twisty it felt each time I slowly rotated it in my hole. This is definitely my favorite way to use the Wiggly, but I did try it the “regular” was as well.

Even though the bulb on this plug isn’t quite the hole stretcher as the other two Charlie Horse plugs I tried previously (the Wiggly has a max diameter of about 1.75”, compared with the Kidney’s 2″ and the Milk It’s 2.07″), it was still a bit of a push to work in that last thick bit. I think a lot of it had to do with how long and deep the twisted upper aspect was up inside me when I finally worked it in. It was definitely a strange sensation, but I still kind of enjoyed it. Just not as much as the aforementioned deep tonguing sensation. Just like the other versions of the Charlie Horse plugs, the Wiggly has a base that will keep things properly anchored, yet very comfortable, especially if you’re using this plug while seated. Adding additional pressure to the base while it’s all the way in will give you some extra internal stimulation, so give that a try!

The Charlie Horse Wiggly is one of the few SquarePegToys® that is only available in one size, so there isn’t anything longer (or smaller) to recommend if you are looking for the same design in a different size. You can definitely check out a real depth explorer in the SquarePegToys® Slink Depth Training Probe, which measures in length from just over a foot long (Small), to a eye-popping 24.5” length in the 2XL version. Many months ago, Phallophile Reviews had asked if I was interested in reviewing one of these for her site (I had previously collaborated with her on the Njoy Pure Wand Guide, as well as having contributed a Male Sex Toy Guide to her site), but I felt that even the “smallest” Slink was a little too long and thick (6.6” circumference!) for my experience level. The newer Wiggly, on the other hand, isn’t quite so long or thick, but still snakes deep enough to explore some pretty wild play, so—for me—the Wiggly was the perfect longer toy for a depth play first timer. If you’re curious about the thicker/longer Slink, Felicity found a porn star with experience in such matters to tackle the Slink; please check it out on her site. 🙂

For me, I couldn’t be happier with my Wiggly. It certainly fulfilled the deep tongue-job fantasies I’ve been harboring for years, and gave a pretty good prostate poking, too! Want to try the Charlie Horse Wiggly for yourself? Pick one up at Peepshow Toys using this link:

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Want to add even more SquarePegToys® stuff to your collection? Check out the entire line of stuff Peepshow Toys is currently stocking! Lots of fun stuff for your hole to be had! Just a note: the SquarePegToys® collection is excluded from all discounts.



Product photo by allmalesextoys.com


FTC Notice: This product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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