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Peepshow Toys—an online retailer of body-safe sex toys—is adding a new line of penis pumps to their collection and asked if I wanted to test one. They’ve sent me the Get Hard Power Pump, a penis pump from the Optimum Series from California Exotics. Let’s take a closer look.

As the name implies, the Power Pump is an automatic penis enlarger that consists of a battery-operated motor that creates a vacuum chamber for your cock to enlarge in. The device consists of three basic elements: a clear plastic chamber for your cock, a motor mounted atop this, and the silicone sleeve that seals off the bottom of the cylinder to create a vacuum chamber.

It’s a pretty straightforward device. While I personally prefer a manually-operated hand pump when using enlarging devices, I have tried a few different automatic pumps in the past with varying results. When they work well, the automated motor takes the work out of hand-pumping your cock, and you’ll generally see much faster results. I’m talking short-term, “instant” results you can see; as opposed to long-term “gains” that are permanent.

Personally, I’d never try to pump my own cock so frequently that changes in the size or shape would be apparent. I know many pump users do use devices for this purpose, but I can’t really comment on any long-term use for this review. But I will share my experience using the California Exotics pump in hopes it will help someone decide if this particular pump would work for them and their own needs.

The motor on this pump is fairly old school, requiring 3 AAA batteries to operate. While sex toy users have been a little spoiled of late with easily rechargable devices, I didn’t mind at all picking up a package of batteries to try this thing out. It’s always a bummer when a rechargable device konks out mid-use, so by picking up a 6-pack of AAAs, I gave myself three to run the pump motor and an extra three to have on hand in the event I needed to swap them out before I finished a session. (So far I haven’t.)

All you need to do to power up your pump is insert the batteries and replace the battery cover. The motor’s operation is really uncomplicated: one button turns the pump on and allows the user to increase the suction level. There are three intensities of suction and I can tell you each one is more intense than the last. I kind of like a pump that shows the amount of pressure you are dealing with, but the Get Hard pump doesn’t have this feature. Please use common sense when using any pump. If it feels too uncomfortable or like too much pressure, immediately shut down the motor and employ the quick-release.

Luckily, the second button on this pump does just that. The top of the motor is labeled “Air Release” and there’s a small pinhole, but I believe this is just an escape hatch for when the release is activated. It works well, however it works, allowing the user to decompress the vacuum chamber and relieve the pressure. Don’t cover the hole on top when you need to do this.

The silicone sleeve/cap on the other end is one of the best I’ve used on any pump. While a cap isn’t necessary for penis pumping, it certainly can be helpful, especially for new or casual users. One of the biggest difficulties in creating a proper vacuum is totally sealing off the opening of the chamber, and the sleeve on this Optimum Series pump works very well at doing that.

Not only is the sleeve easily removed and put back in place, but the piece is molded in a way to allow the user to gradually slide their cock inside the tube, without having to stuff the entire thing inside and wait to see if the pump is going to twist it at an odd angle or bend it uncomfortably as it grows larger under the power of the vacuum.

The cap has a nice deep indentation to allow the pumper to slowly insert the penis. There’s also a 4-piece flap that opens up like flower petals as the penis is pulled inside. This also helps create a better seal and allows the cock to be pulled inside by the vacuum in an upwards movement, allowing for a more natural penetration and expansion.

I like to use lube when pumping. It makes insertion easier and coating your cock in lubricant will lessen the chance for discomfort or injury, especially during longer sessions. I typically just use a favorite sexual lubricant that works well with toys, but in this case I used a high-quality coconut oil instead. I was a little concerned the silicone sleeve on the Get Hard pump might not be too compatible with an oil-based substance, but I had no issues. And the coconut oil worked great. It made my cock feel more sensual, allowed for an easier penetration, and made my dick glisten nicely as the pump did its thing.

My favorite thing about the Get Hard pump was how easy it was to pull the head of my cock into the chamber. With the indented sleeve and its 4-petal design, the forceful vacuum (even on the first level) pulled my head in easily and made it swell. I noticed California Exotics also has a smaller Get Hard Head Pump designed specifically for cock head pumping, but this larger version actually works great for that! The vacuum was instense enough to keep the head swelling but not so forceful that it was trying to suck the shaft of my cock up inside as well.

Of course, when you are ready to enlarge the shaft, it’s easy enough to adjust your grip on the pump and allow more of your dick to be sucked inside. Need more intensity? Just press the power button and increase the suction. There are three levels and each one has more intensity. Press and hold the power button to shut off the motor, or just employ the other button to shut off the pump and release the air inside the chamber.

When I pump, I like to stop the pumping and “hold” the pressure inside the cylinder if I can. This typically halts the enlarging process, but keeps the cock in its swollen state. This was somewhat difficult to do with the Get Hard pump; I had to keep starting and stopping the motor to keep the dick engorged. This wasn’t a big deal (and it’s nice to know you can get a quick release on the vacuum if things get too intense during a session), but I do prefer a pump that holds the pressure without increaing it during moments when you aren’t trying to make things bigger/thicker.

The dimensions of the Get Hard pump chamber are 7.25″ deep and 2.25″ wide, so it’s probably going to be an acceptable size for most users, but if you have an exceptionally long/thick cock to begin with or are looking for a device to make your penis extra large, this might not be the pump for you. But for most users, I think this would be a great starter pump.

The cylinder itself is marked on two sides with measurements (one has metric units, the other uses Imperial units) up to 15+ cm and 6+ inches respectively. There is still room to grow beyond this, but black plastic borders create four “windows” of sorts, so your view may be slightly impeded compared to all clear pumping tubes. I didn’t find this to be overly distracting, in fact the two “windows” without the measurements on them offer a longer view, so I positioned one of those toward me, since I didn’t really care as much about how far up the ruler I was able to get.

Overall, the experience with the Optimum Series Get Hard pump was a positive one. Having three intensity levels is a plus and the ability to work just my cock head was my favorite part. Of course, working the shaft as well was a good experience. The pump was intense enough to make things swell nicely inside the chamber, but wasn’t so overpowering that I experienced pain/discomfort/injury by using this device.

I enjoy pumping for the look of a swollen cock while using the pump and for the extra swollen look my head and shaft exhibit (while my dick is a in a flaccid state) directly after a good pumping session. I’ve always liked to use a decent pump right before a play session, so my soft cock looks more swollen and long before it gets hard, and the Get Hard pump did that for me. So I’d definitely recommend this pump for those who have been wanting to try penis pumping and want an easy-to-use device that isn’t too intense for beginners and simple to turn on and off while engaging in the pump session.

Pick up your own California Exotics Optimum Series Get Hard pump from Peepshow Toys using the following link:

Think another pump device might be more to your liking? Browse the entire collection of pumps they are currently stocking. I like to use lube on my cock while pumping to avoid discomfort and lessen the chance of after-pump bruising. Peepshow Toys also carries lots of body-friendly lubes that might work well for your own pump session. Another fun thing to do is slip on a nice cock ring while pumping, or directly after, to help keep your swollen cock looking nice and thick. Check out their Cock Ring Collection if you’ve been looking for a new one.

Want to read more of my reviews on Peepshow Toys’ products? I’ve done a bunch and list everything in the right sidebar. You might just find a few more toys to add to your collection! Be sure to browse their entire store to see what other enjoyments they are currently stocking, and use the coupon code allmalesextoys when checking out to save 10% on your order.


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FTC Notice: This product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.



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