REVIEW: Mason Vibrating Anal Bead Probe by Maia

Today I’m looking at a new toy from Maia that’s an interesting hybrid of several different anal toys: the Mason Vibrating Anal Bead Probe. It’s a little bit butt plug, a little bit anal probe, somewhat like anal beads, and even dildo-like. Throw in a pair of powerful rechargeable vibrators and some intense prostate stimulation and you’re looking at a toy that can do quite a bit. Peepshow Toys arranged for this sex toy testing, so let’s take a look at what Mason can do.

Mason comes snugly packaged in a box you can reuse for storage. There’s an insert for the toy, a holder for the wireless remote control, and a cable that’s used to charge both pieces. Curious about how long and thick this toy is? Here are the specs: the toy has a length of 9.5″ and 9″ is fully insertable. The probe features four interconnected beads and the one on the tip has a max diameter of just over one inch, and the rest get larger as the probe goes deeper. The second bead has a max diameter of 1.25″ and the next measures 1.30″. The fourth and final bead tops out at 1.35″ and slightly narrows into a short neck with a diameter of almost an inch. Unlike a traditional set of round anal beads, there aren’t any narrow gaps (or rope/string/cord) that would allow your butthole to close up after the toy (or a portion of it) is inserted. There is a curved anal-safe base on the bottom of the toy, designed to rest against your split crack once Mason is fully embedded.

The girth is fairly manageable, given the toy’s nine-inch length, and the graduated beads allow newer/tighter users of anal toys to ease into this kind of play. Just because the probe can sink nine inches up your butt, doesn’t mean you have to slide it all up there on the first try. I actually enjoyed Mason more as a partially-inserted toy, savoring the way embedded bullets put direct pressure on my prostate. And adding the vibration mode made things even better, when I was ready for even more stimulation.

To use the vibrating bullets, you’ll first need to charge both the toy and the handheld controller. You can do both using the included cable. A thin metal prong will insert into the pinhole on each device and when the blinking light turns solid, they’re ready to go. A full charge should give you about 60 minutes of continuous playtime. You’ll need to turn on the toy’s power and then connect the controller to it with a push of a button. Since the onboard control button is a good inch up the stem of the plug, you’re going to want to familiarize yourself with the control device, especially if you plan on using the vibes when the toy is full inserted.

Mason Being Charged & Mason in the Box

The vibrators are intense and have several different patterns. Like most vibrating toys, the first three settings are solid vibrations. Mason starts strong and gets more intense with each click. Once you move past the solid vibes, the patterns kick in, and these include:

  • a solid burst of power with oscillating throbs
  • alternating pulses between the two motors (two different speeds)
  • solid vibes mixed with thumping pulses
  • rattling vibes mixed with pulses
  • solid vibes that alternate back and forth in intensity (hard and harder)
  • a mix of solid vibes, rumbles and pulses
  • solid vibes that sequence through slow to rapid intensity repeatedly (two different speeds)
  • revving from slow to fast and quickly turning into hard pulses
  • hard pulses that switch to grinding through slow to hard solid vibes (you get some really good throbbing in the tip on this setting)
  • a rat-a-tat rumble followed by quick solid bursts, then back to the pattern

In all, there are fifteen different vibrating settings to enjoy, and every one of them is a powerhouse. Sometimes I wish toy companies would throw in a more mellow vibration or two, because not everyone wants to be blown through the back wall with the vibrator(s), though if you like intense stimulation, the Mason plug has got what you want.

Even though the vibes are great, I quickly found out my favorite way to use this probe is to get it nice and slippery with lube (I like Peepshow’s Wicked Simply Aqua Jelle for toys like these) and start to thrust in and out with it. I was able to get some great thrusting action, and the ripples on this thing just added to the stimulation. Even more pleasurable? As you thrust with this thing (even at a slow leisurely speed), the silicone starts to warm. I mean…REALLY warm. The heat I was getting off this plug felt amazing. For a few minutes I was worried the heat was coming from overworked vibrators, but then I remembered I hadn’t even turned them on. One of the best benefits of silicone sex toys is how the material warms to body temperature. This Maia plug feels absolutely wild once it’s nice and heated. Wow!

9 Insertable Inches

In addition to the vibrators not having any real low intensity settings, the only other issue I had was that the bottom of this toy’s shaft wasn’t quite long enough or thin enough for it to comfortably seat itself all the way up my butt. Sure, it felt really great once I worked all nine inches into me, but the fact is the neck was a little too thick and short for my hole to close completely up once it was inside me. The great thing about using anal beads (at least the corded ones) is that the string portion is usually narrow enough so your hole can close up and hold the toy inside. I had difficulty holding this thing in place, so I mostly just kept letting it pop out, so I could thrust it back in again (which wasn’t actually an unpleasant exercise).

Still, I would have liked to kept it seated in place for awhile, especially given how enjoyable the prostate massage was. My solution was to ball up a towel and wedge it between my legs, using the inner thighs to apply pressure, which kept the plug in place. You can use your hand(s) for this as well. I guess with the motorized components buried inside the plug, the neck just has to be a little bigger. Not a deal breaker, but you should definitely consider another plug if you’re looking for something to put in and keep in. The weird-looking curvy base actually works pretty well if you can get the thing all the way in. It’s comfortable, at any rate. And having the power button/control on the side instead of the bottom means you won’t accidentally switch up the vibrations or turn them off when you didn’t really mean to, when you’re pressing on the base trying to keep Mason pushed up inside you.

The Mason probe is waterproof and submersible, so feel free to enjoy this one in water. It also makes cleaning up easier when you’re done. Make sure to let it dry completely before storing it. The box holds all three parts and closes up with a magnetic snap, so definitely hang on to the packaging for easy storage.

Mason Has Multi Functions

I’m definitely recommending the Mason by Maia, since it’s such a versatile anal toy. It makes a great hole teaser if you’re just looking to use the first one or two beads, and gives great prostate massage when you move on to the third bead. If you can get it to stay in place, all four beads fill you up nicely, and the vibrators are great if you like hard/fast/intense stimulation. Keep the little remote handy to switch things up (or off) if the vibes get too powerful. Of course, my favorite way to use Mason is to use it as a thruster. Slow or fast, the silicone heats up wonderfully and adds such a nice dimension to an already-pleasurable anal experience. Turning the vibe on while thrusting just makes things even hotter.

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FTC Notice: This product was provided free of charge by Maia through an arrangement with Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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