Helix Syn V Vibrating Prostate Massager

This might just be the Aneros you’ve been waiting for! Have you always wanted to try a prostate massager from the Aneros company but weren’t sure which one to buy? Not sure if it was big enough, or too big? Or plastic or silicone? Or maybe you wanted one of their vibrating Vice models but it just seemed too big for your tastes or experience level.

Today I am reviewing the newest Aneros massager for Peepshow Toys and it just might be my favorite. The Aneros Helix Syn V is a vibrating prostate massager that’s super slim, but packs an amazing multi-speed and multi-function vibe into the slender stem. Whoa. Let’s take a closer look.

Like the other Helix models, the V version is touted as being good for beginners, but a lot of users end up sticking with their Helix because it works so well. It has 3.6 inches of insertable depth with a slightly bulbous tip measuring an inch wide. It tapers into a slightly smaller bulge (0.9 inches) before dropping into a more slender neck. The neck is angled to work the tip into the user’s prostate, for some direct stimulation.

The newer Helix models are of the “Trident” variety, which sport dual external massage knobs on either end of the base. Not only does the base help keep the toy safely anchored during use, but it provides stimulation to both your perineum and tailbone area via nerves in these spots while your prostate is getting massaged internally.

While the Aneros plastic models are smooth and easy to use, the V sports a satiny coating of black silicone, just like all their other “Syn” products. Properly lubed (I use Wicked Simply Aqua Jelle), the silicone massagers work just as well as their plastic counterparts, and might just be a little easier for your hole to grip, especially if you’re trying to manipulate the plug using just your ass muscles.

Aneros massagers certainly offer stimulation to your hole and prostate, but many users love to learn how to work the plugs in and out using just muscle movement. It can take a lot of practice (and patience) to achieve this, but it it’s certainly possible. Consider checking out this directory on the Aneros site forum if you want to learn more about this specific type of anal play/prostate massage and read about first-hand experiences in using these sex toys.

Of course, the pièce de résistance of this newest Aneros model is the internal vibrator, which adds a whole new level to prostate play. I’m not sure how they got such a powerful little vibe embedded in this thing, but—for the size—it packs quite the punch. Let’s take a look at the vibe itself.

First of all it’s rechargeable. I can remember earlier vibrating Aneros toys that needed a battery inserted into them to work. This new model is not only USB rechargeable, but it comes with about the most clever charging port I’ve ever seen on a toy. Like many newer rechargeable sex toys, it has magnetic leads. Now these typically work well, but I’ve sometimes had issues attaching them and keeping them connected. The V charging base is molded to snugly hold the massager in place, so everything will stay put until it’s completely charged. The flat edge keeps the toy from slipping or coming loose, as well. And I love that the bright red connector makes it so easy to remember which charging cord goes with the V. If you own a lot of rechargeable sex toys with plain black cords, you know what I am talking about.

The Aneros Helix Syn V in charge mode

Once your battery is charged up, you’re ready to play. Unlike the more expensive (and larger) Vice 2 model, the smaller V does not come with a remote control, so you’re going to have to operate this toy with the button that’s attached to the base of the toy. Toys like these can be a lot more difficult to control, not only because they lack fewer control buttons, but because the button is in a place that you can’t see once it’s inserted up your butt.

I always recommend learning how to turn these types of toys on and off (and how to change their settings) while the toy is in your hands (and not your butt). It’s fairly easy to operate once you learn the ins an outs, but it takes a little practice to remember how many clicks to get this thing up and running and then switch the intensity level or to change it to a vibrating pattern.

The Helix Syn V comes equipped with three different intensity levels, and each of them is pretty powerful, given the small size of this prostate plug. Of course, everyone’s anatomy is slightly different, so not everyone can experience direct prostate stimulation with every vibrating plug. As I stated earlier, this Aneros has an insertable depth of just under four inches. I’d recommend playing around with some less expensive prostate toys if a “direct hit” is important to you; this way you can get an idea of the length/girth/angle you need to hit just the right spot.

In the end, the V’s internal vibe is pretty damn decent for the smaller size of this toy, and it delivers some pretty pleasurable stimulation, both internal and (somewhat) to the external pleasure/pressure spots. If you’re looking for a more intense vibration experience, I might suggest the bigger/more powerful Vice 2 Aneros model, or even using a non-vibrating Aneros toy that works well for you, and utilizing your favorite vibrating wand (mine would be the Man Wand, but any could work) to add some instant vibration and extra pressure to an anal toy.

While I love anal vibes of many types, I am not the biggest fan of the Aneros external tabs. While they do offer extra pressure, there really isn’t a way to avoid using them if you are just going for an internal massage, save for manually holding the plug away from your body so the tabs don’t press on your skin, and this (of course) pulls the internal tip away from your prostate. Also, I prefer to sit or rest on my smaller plugs and anal toys, and I pretty much had to lie on my back to keep the base of the toy from being pressed even harder into my pressure points. But to each their own; that kind of extra stimulation might be what you’re after.

As far as internally, I liked using my V both in non-vibrating mode for an extended manual prostate stim session, and clicking the vibrator on when I wanted that extra something, or to finish my session with a bang (I tend to climax faster when using vibrating sex toys). So for the extra cost, it’s kind of like having a regular Aneros Trident Syn and one that vibrates when you want it to. I’m definitely keeping this one in my regular rotation, and am heartily recommending it to anyone who is looking for a slimmer anal toy that vibrates, or is wanting to try their first Aneros product.

You can find the Aneros Helix Syn V at Peepshow Toys using the following link:

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This Aneros prostate massager has been added to my Favorites.


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FTC Notice: this product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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