REVIEW: Vedo Grip Vibrating Stroker

Peepshow Toys sent me the Vedo Grip Vibrating Stroker in the fall of 2020, along with a few other toys which I’ve already reviewed. I put off testing this masturbator for awhile because it didn’t come with any instructions and the company never responded to my email about sending me directions on how to use this thing.

The Grip has a clear textured sleeve surrounded by a squeezable outer layer

Initially I was pretty excited to try the Grip out. Much like the popular Fleshlight Quickshot masturbators, this is a fairly short (5 inches) open-ended stroker. Those usually work well for different cock sizes, and the “holes on both ends” not only feels nice when you’re thrusting with it, but makes for an easier clean up, because you’re not typically unloading inside the toy, and even if you do, the design makes for easy cleaning. Also, with openings on either end, you can add this toy to an oral sex session, or even have two cocks at once using it. (This sort of thing takes a bit of practice, but can be wild fun when the sleeve is sliding up and down two dicks that are pressed head-to-head. Bonus points for cumming at the same time…inside the sleeve!)

What makes the Grip different from other masturbators of this type is Vedo has designed the sleeve to accommodate a rechargeable vibrator that tucks right into the toy, so your cock can get even more stimulation.

Like I said, I couldn’t find any instructions for this toy, and my initial experiments weren’t successful. I was able to charge the vibe with no problems. The included cable plugs easily into a port in the exposed portion of the vibrator. I was even able to turn the motor on…but I wasn’t able to turn the thing off. The first vibe setting is a powerful steady rumble, and the only way I found to shut it down was to push the charger back into the port. I packed the toy up and awaited a reply from Vedo.

Two side views of the Grip showing the circular opening and the vibe being charged

A couple months later, I gave the Grip another go. Once again, I could turn the vibe on, but couldn’t cycle through any of its 10 different settings, or turn the thing off without inserting the charging cable. The frustration meant I didn’t even stick my dick into it. Oh well.

I even pulled the bullet out of its pocket and couldn’t figure it out. I did notice there was an exposed circuit board covered with a flimsy piece of masking tape, which made me doubt the company’s claims that the Grip is a “completely submersible” sex toy.

Earlier this week, I decided to give the stroker one last try, and I’m glad I did. Not only did I finally figure out how to control the vibrator (the button is on the circuit board, and aligns with a slightly visible embossed symbol on the Grip’s black silicone outer layer. (See diagram below; it’s way more apparent in Vedo’s schematic.) Once I learned where to press, I was able to put it through its paces. There are three levels of steady vibes, and seven different pulse patterns to play with. But I actually enjoyed the stroker way better without any vibration at all, so I’m actually pretty sorry I didn’t try to use it manually before now.

The design is pretty clever. Vedo bills this as a 100% silicone sleeve, and it’ll even glow in the dark. The masturbator part of the toy is very squishy and soft, unlike any silicone sex toy I’ve tried. A small amount of your favorite water-based lube works well with the Grip. The interior of the translucent piece has a double texture; one end is covered with horizontal ribs, the other end sports raised bumps. Pretty cool, all you need to do to mix things up is flip the toy over and penetrate from the other end. You can either use a “just the tip” technique, and enjoy some glans-only stimulation just inside the round orifice, or employ a thrusting motion, popping your cock through the opposite end.

Vedo’s diagram showing the vibe’s control button as well as the internal textures

I actually enjoyed sliding my entire cock through the 5-inch tunnel and poking the head out the other side, allowing the soft ridge of the stroker to rub against the rim of my glans. Try rotating the Grip while your cock is inside. What an absolutely incredible sensation. Did Vedo say this has a vibrator? I did try it and it did add some interesting additional stimulation, but I was way too in to the slow strokes, sensual spinning sensation and the gentle-but-effective internal textures to spend much time with the Grip revving away. It’s kind of nice to know you can power this masturbator up, but—for me—manually manipulating the sleeve was the way to go.

As the name implies, you can squeeze the soft outer shell to focus more intense pressure (from your, uh, grip) wherever you want it. Try squeezing and massaging at the root of your cock while you s-l-o-w-l-y spin the toy around your shaft. The base of your cock is an often-neglected spot while masturbating, and I usually have to remind myself how good it can feel to add some stimulation to this part of my dick while I’m jacking off.

When used manually, the Grip was fantastic for a good, slow edging session. It’s been a long time since I’ve kicked back for a lengthy session, and the time I put in really paid off during my climax. I ended up having one of the deepest orgasms I’ve had with a masturbator of this type, and made for a nice visual to watch the accompanying ejaculation, which was fireworks from start to finish.

Like I said, for me the Vedo Grip is way more fun as a manual masturbator, so I wish Vedo would offer this toy in a less expensive model that eliminates the vibrator. Still, I guess it is nice to have the option, for those times when you want to feel an extra rumble stimulating your cock. Even though the vibrator is pretty powerful for its size, I’d definitely suggest they replace the current vibe with a more simple/streamlined vibrating bullet that can be popped in and out with more ease. And no excuse for it not to be waterproof these days. A cheap piece of masking tape that is nearly falling off like a 3 day-old Band Aid doesn’t make a toy safely submersible in my view, so please take the vibe out if you’re going to use this toy in water.

All in all, I like this double-ended jacker even more than my Fleshlight Quickshot. The softer double texture feels great, and it’s nice to be able to squeeze it for some extra stimulation if needed. I have enough vibrating masturbators that I love (hello Man Wand, hello Hot Octopuss Pulse) that I am probably just going to use this as a manual stroker. And in that regard, it works so well. Just ask my last three orgasms.

Ready to try the Vedo Grip for yourself? Get it from Peepshow Toys using the following link:

You’ll want to use a good water-based lube with this toy. I like Wicked Simply Aqua Jelle, but Peepshow Toys stocks several good body-friendly lubricants. Want to know my thoughts on some of the other sex toys Peepshow Toys sells? Check out the right sidebar. Every review I’ve done for Peepshow Toys is linked—by category—right there. You can also save 10% on your Peepshow Toys order by using the coupon code allmalesextoys when you check out.


Product images from Vedo Toys


FTC Notice: This product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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