Aneros Helix Trident Prostate Massager

Even though I’ve used several different styles of prostate massagers from Aneros over the years, I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed one of them for All Male Sex Toys. Aneros just released a new line of P-spot massagers and Peepshow Toys asked if I’d like to try one out. Of course I said yes. ? 

The new series is called Trident, and if they look familiar, well that’s because they are a redesign of the original Aneros prostate massagers. Peepshow Toys actually sent me two of the new Tridents: the Helix, and the Maximus. I haven’t yet taken the Maximus out of its package yet, so this review will focus solely on my experience with the Helix model. For many guys – me included – the Aneros experience is a long and ongoing one, so as I experiment more with my new Aneros toys, I’ll update the blog with subsequent posts.

In case you’ve never heard of Aneros before, it’s a company that focuses on designing and manufacturing prostate massagers for men. Prostate massage has come a long way as far as sex toys are concerned. In 2018, there are countless gadgets that you can stick in your hole to give pleasure to your sensitive prostate. You’ve got vibrating models, thrusting toys, warming toys, textured probes, glass/plastic/silicone/steel toys, devices that are curved and angled to rub just the right spot and increase your pleasure when you’re stimulating your dick at the same time, and maybe even give you that elusive “prostate orgasm” that so many men seek out. It’s definitely different from your standard penis orgasm/ejaculation, and you probably won’t see any other device mentioned more than Aneros when guys talk about how they achieved this P-spot climax. Aneros has been a leader in the prostate massage game for 15 years!

I’ll disclose this right off the bat; while I’ve experienced prostate orgasms before, I’ve still yet to hit one from using any of the Aneros massagers. Does that mean I’m frustrated that it hasn’t happened? Well, a little. But that’s only because I know it CAN happen. It just takes a lot of practice and patience to learn the technique to reach that point. And from what I’ve seen, there is no one specific way guys can end up at that point. You just have to have patience and keep trying, in the hopes that you’ll find the method that works for you. As one experienced user shared on the Aneros forums: “…this Backdoor to Ecstasy is not opened with a key, but with a combination…”

Does that mean Aneros prostate massagers aren’t fun if you don’t reach that Super Orgasm? Not at all! In fact, I think Aneros makes some of the best prostate massagers out there (and there are a lot). I also think Aneros is a good choice for a first time user, for the guy who is curious about prostate massage, but has little or no experience with anal play. Let’s take a look at the prostate massager I tried for this review.

The Aneros Helix Trident – like the original Aneros Helix – is made of white solid plastic and has an ultra-smooth silky feel to it. The massager itself has a slightly bulbous head and it’s angled to reach a guy’s prostate gland. The shaft of the toy narrows slightly into a second bulge and then eases down into a third and even more narrow ripple. The toy ends at a base that keeps the massager from slipping out of your grasp – and up your ass – and featured a “tab” on either end. To look at it – and to hold it – it seems like the most basic of sex toys. No frills. No ribbing or stimulating textures, no vibrators (either internal or external) and the toy – at 4 inches – isn’t the biggest anal toy out there, by far. So what exactly do you do with this thing, you ask?

Aneros – by design – is a prostate massager that works best when you allow your sphincter muscles to control all the movement. That’s right. You don’t want (or need) to move it in and out manually, you don’t want to rotate it, or apply any kind of pressure on the toy during use. Of course, you can do all of these things if you’d like. I certainly have. One of my favorite things to do with any anal toy is get it resting right against the most sensitive spot of my prostate and begin to press on the base of the toy so it applies direct pressure to my P-spot. And you can do that with the Aneros, too. Feels great! But Aneros has designed their toys to massage your prostate simply by moving it with your sphincter muscles.

To use your Aneros, simply apply a nice amount of water-based lube to the massager and add some extra to your hole. This makes insertion so much easier. Always use plenty of lube! Aneros suggests lying on your side with one leg pulled up toward your torso, but experiment with other positions; many guys find that lying on their back works well, and some even enjoy using their Aneros in a seated position (proper cushioning helps, as the tabs might be uncomfortable if you’re pressed against a hard surface). Make sure the angled part of the toy is facing your prostate (angle the Aneros so the bend is facing the front of your body, not the back) and gently ease it in. Due to its slender size and the smoothness of the toy, it should slide right in if you’ve lubed it well enough and don’t clench down while penetrating. The toy will come to rest when the two tabs on the base rest on either side of your hole. This pair of rounded nubs are called the Perineum tab and Kundalini tab, respectively. The front-facing tab will apply pressure to your perineum (taint) area and offers external stimulation to the prostate gland, while the rear tab (the K-tab) will stimulate nerve endings beyond your butt to send pleasure waves up your back. The newly designed base is one of the best features of the new Trident line; now both tabs point upward and the modified design makes for a more comfortable use. One of my gripes about the original Aneros Helix was that the tabs caused discomfort after prolonged use and I was happy to realize I didn’t experience this with the upgraded design.

Another new design feature is something Aneros calls “Multi-Axial Motion Architecture,” which basically means the designs have been modified to allow for the massager’s head to move more freely inside you during use. If you’ve ever had someone massage your prostate manually with a fingertip you know how pleasurable this can feel. If you relax and can obtain movement of the Aneros by using only your sphincter muscles, the toy should move on its own, not only massaging your prostate internally, but giving you external stimulation on the two pressure points that are located under the rounded tabs on the arm of your toy.

As I said before, attaining hands-free orgasm – or the much desired “Super Orgasm” – with your Aneros is a process that could take some mastering. I’d encourage any Aneros user who is seeking this out to read and study the experiences of other Aneros users who have learned the techniques and are sharing them with others in the hopes that they can experience a heightened level of prostate pleasure. I’ve started to compile an Aneros Tutorials list which not only directs you to detailed first-hand experiences and guys sharing tips and information, but even includes video examples for guys who enjoy a nice visual presentation. These even work well at showing you just how intensely pleasurable using an Aneros prostate massager can be. They certainly motivate me to keep using mine! I’ll continue to add more resources to the page as I come across them.

Even if you aren’t able to achieve total prostate bliss right out of the gate, you can still enjoy the stimulation your Aneros provides while you’re learning the process and exploring what pleasures prostate massage can bring you. The best time I had with my new Aneros Helix Trident was during a long edging session. Each time I drew close to orgasm, my anal muscles would clench down on the Aneros and move it around. With each subsequent spasm, my prostate felt more swollen and pleasure-ridden. While I didn’t manage a prostate orgasm with my massager, it made the traditional orgasm very intense, with my ass pulling the massager rapidly back and forth over my P-spot.

As I said earlier, Aneros massagers are a great choice for guys who want to try anal play and P-spot massage for the first time. They aren’t too big, they are smooth and firm, and are designed to hit just the right spot. The Helix model has long been recommended for beginning users, and the new Trident upgrade means you’ll not only enjoy a bulbous and angled massage head, but more range of movement as you learn how to control your new prostate massager without using any manual operation. The smooth hard material not only makes it easy to insert and remove (use lube!), but very easy to clean with soap and hot water.

So far, I’m loving my new Helix Trident Aneros and I look forward to using it on my journey to Super Orgasm. I’m going to update my progress in future posts and will shortly have a separate review of the Aneros Maximus Trident prostate massager (now posted!), which offers a fuller size than than the Helix. Can’t wait! Thanks again to Peepshow Toys for sending these to me. If you’re ready to begin your own Aneros experience, you can purchase the Helix Trident from Peepshow Toys.

Remember, you can save 10% on your Peepshow Toys order by entering coupon code allmalesextoys during checkout. Happy prostate massaging!


Product images from Aneros


FTC Notice: this product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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