Charlie Horse Milk It Prostate Massager from SquarePegToys®

Today I’m looking at another butt plug from SquarePegToys®: the Charlie Horse Milk It prostate massager. Peepshow Toys sent me this plug along with its mate, the Charlie Horse Kidney, which I reviewed last December. As you can see from my side-by-side snapshot of the two plugs, they are remarkably similar in size and shape; the Milk It has a jagged-looking outer edge designed to deliver more stimulation to the prostate gland.

The Milk It Plug (left) shown with the Kidney Plug (right), for comparison

Like the Kidney, the Milk It plug is made of SuperSoft silicone, so it’s soft and squishy. The silicone SquarePegToys® uses to manufacture its toys is 100% American-sourced and platinum cured. Being silicone, this sex toy is body-safe, which is great for anal play. Not only is this plug comfortable, but you won’t have to worry about potentially harmful chemicals leeching from the toy into your sensitive anal lining. Like the Kidney (and many other SquarePegToys® items) the Milk It plug is a deep bronze color and has a beautiful metallic-looking appearance.

Here are some measurements I took: the Milk It runs an overall length of 6 inches, with an insertable length of about 4.75 inches. For a prostate toy, it’s fairly thick, with a maximum width of around 2.25” at the chunkiest point of the plug. There’s a generous (and fairly thick) neck that runs 1.25” in length with a max diameter of 1.4 inches. The anal-safe base is a soft and pliable and measures 3.5” along the flat bottom.

As I did with the Kidney, I used an oil-based lubricant called The Butters that goes on fairly thick and turns to a slippery liquid once body heat warms it up. Since it doesn’t need to be reapplied constantly, The Butters works very well with the bigger items from SquarePegToys®. You want to make sure you’re using plenty of lube with this plug. Even though it’s soft and has a lot of give to it, the wider part can be a little difficult to insert. Pre-lube your hole and don’t be afraid to add even more lube to the thicker parts of the toy as needed. As with any anal toy, take your time during penetration. Go ahead and get your (lubed) fingers in there to grease your tight hole while compressing the wider aspects of the plug. The soft silicone is squishy enough to help work it into tight spots. Once you push the chunkier areas up inside you, the Milk It is very comfortable for its size.

The Charlie Horse Milk It with its softly serrated edge

You can tell the people who design the plugs and dildos at SquarePegToys® actually use the stuff they make and have taken suggestions from their customers when it comes to releasing sex toys that work wonderfully well. The shape is perfect and the fit is snug and filling, without being uncomfortable. I’m sure the Milk It in a firmer silicone (Peepshow Toys now stocks the black FIRM version) would apply more pressure to the prostate, but the zigzag edge on this toy still gives a pretty amazing massage.

Standing up and walking around with the Milk It inserted gave me more of an intense experience, but it was still fairly exceptional using it while maintaining a stationary position, especially whenever I’d apply some firm pressure with the tips of my fingers to the base of the plug, working the textured edge into my prostate gland. A good indicator that an anal toy is working well with my own prostate is the presence of precum before orgasm, and the precum was really leaking while using this plug. The orgasm itself was unbelievably intense, probably because the plug is quite bulky and gives the constricting anal muscles something to grab onto and grind against during climax. The Milk It’s distinct ridges definitely increase stimulation as well.

I can say the Charlie Horse Milk It is now my favorite of all the SquarePegToys® items I’ve tried. I kind of wish Peepshow Toys would add a firmer version just for those who desire something with a little less give (which I think would make for even more acute prostate stimulation), but I honestly thought the SuperSoft silicone worked damn well for a more leisurely and protracted prostate massage session.

Find the Charlie Horse Milk It in SuperSoft silicone at Peepshow Toys using the following link:

*UPDATE: Now available from Peepshow Toys in FIRM silicone! Want something even stiffer rubbing that spot? Get it in firm black silicone:

Think you might like the Charlie Horse in its original Kidney shape? Peepshow Toys stocks that as well:

They’ve even got a Large version of that one, for those of you who want something even more filling. I’ve also reviewed the following SquarePegToys® items:

Don’t forget The Butters oil-based lube!

PLEASE NOTE: SquarePegToys® items are excluded from all discounts.

Product photos: Milk It Plug image from Peepshow Toys
Comparison photo from All Male Sex Toys


FTC Notice: this product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.


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