Man Wand Vibrating Masturbator

Not long ago, I reviewed a vibrating stimulator called the Manta. While I liked that toy, I kept thinking, “too bad this isn’t a little more versatile…like a wand massager with a built-in attachment for a cock.” Lo and behold, Peepshow Toys has sent me another vibrating toy for review, and it’s a wand massager…with a built-in attachment for a cock! Dream and ye shall receive.

The new toy in question is called the Man Wand. The company that makes this thing is called Man Wan, at least I think so. I’ve never heard of them (or the Man Wand) at any rate. I’ve used and reviewed just about every type of sex toy there is, but I’ve never tried a wand massager before. Surprising, because videos of men using vibrating wands on their dicks are some of my favorite things to watch when I’m scouting sites like Xtube and PornHub for good “real guy” clips to enjoy.

Typically, wand massagers are often quite large and bulky, so I was surprised to find that the Man Wand is fairly compact. The wand itself isn’t even 8 inches long. I think this is good, actually. It makes the toy lighter, easier to hold and maneuver, plus it takes up less room when you’re ready to store it. Protruding from one side of the wand’s knob are two silicone flaps that resemble an open bird beak. Actually, it looks like a number of other vibrating penis massagers out there: an open-ended concavity that’s designed to carry vibrations and stimulate a cock from just about any angle. The wings, the head, as well as the handle are all made of (or covered in) a seamless layer of silicone. The material is odorless, body-safe, and makes the Man Wand easy to clean. It’s so nice that they coated the handle in silicone as well. The wand is more comfortable to grip and the silicone gives the entire toy a nice soft, satiny texture. Nothing feels or looks cheap about this toy.

The Man Wand is a compact wand massager with a built-in head attachment for cock stimulation

The handle runs about 5 inches in length and fits very comfortably in my hand. Whether you’re holding the wand in a stationary position or want to change the angles or even keep it moving, it’s completely comfortable in your hand. The handle has a slight ribbed texture, which makes it easier to grip. There are three control buttons on the side of the handle. They’re easy to operate, but not so raised that you’re going to accidentally switch things up (or off) when you’re not wanting to.

Beyond the handle is a firm but flexible neck, which allows the knob and penis attachment to pivot in any direction. Such a nice feature! Sometimes you just need the slightest adjustment to hit a sweet spot right where you want it, and the Man Wand’s flexibility really makes a difference. Easy on the hand, and easy on the toy. The wand’s knob – the rounded head – which houses the vibrator – is well designed. Since the wing attachment is molded right onto the toy, the designers were able to keep the back portion of the head exposed. This means you can not only enjoy the vibrating flaps, but can make use of the curved knob for more focused stimulation. More on this later!

The Man Wand’s head offers two options for stimulation

The “cock flaps” aren’t that large, but it’s more than enough room for most. They protrude about an inch-and-a-half on either side, offering a nicely curved “cradle” for any size penis (okay, big beer can dicks might be a little cramped). Each flap is totally soft and flexible, meaning they’ll bend back to accommodate larger and thicker shafts and heads. Since the design leaves the attachment open, you won’t have to worry about squeezing your cock into a tight enclosed space. Like the handle, the silicone surface has some ribs, but these are more subtle. Those who like a lot of texture in their masturbators might be a little disappointed. A great part of the design is how how the wing attachment curves down to meet the wand’s knob on both sides. This allows the user to rock the wand up and down, giving cocks more surface space to enjoy. You can either hold it in place or roll it. The sensations are different either way. The ribs are a little more pronounced on either side of the attachment, so those who want a little more to rub against just may find it. If they’re not blown away by the vibrations, that is. Yes, this wand is a powerhouse.

The Man Wand’s flexible head attachment works with both hard and soft cocks

When I saw how small and compact it was, I wondered if the vibrator inside this thing would be similarly diminutive. It’s not. In fact, if you’re looking for a soft and gently teasing vibrator for your parts, the Man Wand really isn’t your best choice. Even on its lowest setting the wand is quite intense. I’ve complained in the past about vibrators that go from Strong to Stronger, and the Man Wand pretty much falls into this category. Let’s backtrack a little to show how to bring your Man Wand to life.

Before using your new wand, you’re going to need to charge it up. Happily, the Man Wand is cordless and completely rechargeable. Plug one end of the included charging cable into any USB port and firmly insert the metal charging prong into the tight divot at the bottom of the handle. Once it’s seated, the power button will glow red. This means it’s charging. One thing I like about the cord they give you is that it has a little label on it that says Man Wand. It sounds like a silly thing, but in the age of rechargeable sex toys, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left a charging cable on my desk and a few days later am trying to remember which toy it belongs with. And before I forget, I want to mention that there’s even a cloth drawstring bag to store the wand (and cord) in when you’re done with it. It’s a nice extra that will help keep dust and lint off the toy’s silicone surface when it’s not in use.

While you’re waiting for your new wand to obtain a full charge, why not read some of my other reviews for sex toys I’ve tried out for Peepshow Toys? They stock so many high-quality, body-friendly toys, you really should see what other fun stuff you can add to your collection. Peepshow Toys also carries my favorite water-based lubricant: Sliquid Sassy. It’s a nice thick lube that doesn’t run all over and make a mess, and works great with the Man Wand. Since the Man Wand is coated with silicone, a good water-based lube is recommended. The silicone coating makes it really easy to clean when you’re done. The toy is labeled as “water resistant,” which works great for cleaning up. Has the red light gone out yet? Great! Now we’re ready to power it up.

Controlling the Man Wand is pretty straightforward. There are three control buttons. Click the bottom button to turn the wand on. The red light comes on again and the vibrator blasts to life. The vibe starts out on the steady settings and oddly, it powers up on High. Use the top button to decrease the power. As I mentioned before, this toy is a powerful thing and – to me – there is not a huge difference between “low” and the higher settings. There are eight levels in all, and they’re all pretty intense. I’m not really complaining about the intensity of this thing, since I was pretty wowed that so much power comes out of something quite small, I’d just like something a little less intense to start out with, or to use when I want more subtle sensations. I did feel that the lowest steady vibe setting was noticeably slower and more rumbly, and this worked better for more prolonged stimulation. The more intense settings feel great, they just really work me close to climax fairly quickly.

Where the Man Wand gets fun is when you start playing with the vibe patterns. The center button controls these and there’s an impressive 20 patterns to choose from. And what an amazing assortment it is! While there are a few patterns that repeat the same rhythm indefinitely, most of them are a wild mix of rapid pulsing that will suddenly change to a strong blast of steady vibes, only to pulse in a pattern again. I love the way they set this up! The motor is so strong and the waves feel so different as they cycle and surge into the silicone cock flaps, at times it almost feels like your cock is being teased by a talented throat or hand. While it’s a different sensation than you’d get from an actual blowjob, it’s certainly a mind-blowing feeling at times. The controls are simple to use and are designed in a way so you can’t easily switch things accidentally. But it’s quite easy to change patterns or shut the vibe off entirely…it’s powerful, so you may want a break from time to time. With 20 different patterns, it can be a little difficult to find a certain one that felt really good. And, as I said, the lack of less intense settings might make the Man Wand too strong for those who need or want more moderate vibrations.

Want an easy way to tone down the strong vibrations? Try using the knob end of the wand while wearing undergear, or even teasing yourself through your clothes. It feels noticeably different than direct skin contact and makes for great foreplay or warm-up to more intense stimulation at a later time. With the rounded curves on the vibrating head, you can enjoy stimulation to more than just a cock. Tease your balls, your taint, the root of your shaft, inner thighs, your nipples, or any other erogenous zones. No matter the sex of your partner, the Man Wand can please both of you, so try using your new massager during foreplay and sex. With the open-ended attachment, it’s easy to use the wand on the root of a penis, leaving the upper portion free for oral sex or manual stimulation.  I should point out that the design also makes it easy to use the toy whether a cock is soft or hard. Simply rest the penis inside the attachment and allow the strong vibrations to massage it. Even the flexible tips of either wing become fluttering teasers when the vibe is powered up. Gently tease or tickle your favorite hot zones this way, especially if more direct contact is too intense because of the strong vibrations.

What can I say? I love the Man Wand! Not only is it good for knocking out a fast orgasm when I really need it, the toy is small enough to keep handy for those times when you want a quick bout of teasing. (I tease myself right through my pants!) It’s powerful enough when you want a quick climax, but comfortable enough for sessions that last a little longer. Between the wild vibe patterns and the versatility of the head, there’s quite a lot you can do with the Man Wand. This one is definitely going on my Favorites list!

Want you own Man Wand? Get it from Peepshow Toys using this link:

Thanks to Peepshow Toys for sending me this toy to try! Be sure to shop their online store for other masturbators (everything they stock is made of silicone or body safe materials) and other fun toys. They carry lots of prostate massagers and other anal toyscock ringsdildos, and lubricants. You can use the coupon code allmalesextoys when you’re checking out to save 10% off your order. Check out other reviews I’ve written for Peepshow Toys products.


Product images from Man Wand/Peepshow Toys (Man Wand close ups: allmalesextoys)


FTC Disclaimer: This product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.


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