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After trying out and enjoying the LA Pump Deluxe Pump Kit (my review), Peepshow Toys asked if I would like to test and review a new butt plug: the Snug Plug from b-Vibe. I’m a big fan of b-Vibe’s Rimming Plug and their Trio Plug, so this was a new toy I was eager to try. The Snug Plug is a torpedo-shaped weighted butt plug made of silicone.

Before I even opened the Snug Plug package I was impressed. As with their vibrating plugs, everything b-Vibe seems to do is top quality, from design and manufacturing, to packaging and presentation. The Snug Plug came stylishly packaged. The plug comes nestled in a sleek clear-fronted display box. Under the insert that holds the plug is a nice collapsible zippered storage case for your plug, along with a detailed user’s guide, complete with instructions in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German and Russian, as well as helpful diagrams to aid with insertion and removal, which is a nice extra if you’re new to anal toys. If you’re an anal toy newbie, you can also read through the included b-Vibe Guide to Anal Play booklet for even more detailed information on safe anal play.

Now let’s check out the Snug Plug! The package lets you know these details: it’s made of bodysafe silicone, and the design is perfectly seamless. This might not seem important, but even a slight manufacturing seam in the material can cause discomfort when you’re using a toy anally. The silicone itself is very silky feeling and totally smooth. As with all sex toys made with silicone, there’s no offensive odor, always a plus in my book. The plug is waterproof, and it’s weighted. I was sent the Snug Plug 2, the second in their 4-plug series¹. All four have the same basic design. Snug Plug 1 is very slim and features only one weighted ball in its core. Snug Plugs 2 through 4 each contain two metallic balls, and each successive model carries more length, girth and weight than the one before it. See the chart below for how each of the Snug Plugs measure up in a side-by-side comparison. Their respective weights and product measurements are included too.

While the inner balls of Snug Plug 2 do bump against each other slightly if you shake the plug up and down, unless you’re really moving around while using the toy, you’re not going to feel too much going on with the balls. It’s more of a subtle sensation. I’m guessing their main purpose is to add weight and a solid core to what would otherwise be a soft pliable plug. In this regard, b-Vibe has created a great plug. Contrasting with the soft silicone outer layer, the inner metallic core is nice and solid and has a great heft. If you grip the plug during use, you’ll notice a slight give before feeling that hard solid core.

The Snug Plug has a torpedo-like shape, with a thin and slightly curved anal-safe base that doubles as a handle, and a more slender “neck” between. While the shape varies from the typical “cone” shaped butt plug, this design actually works wonderfully if you’re looking for something that is easily inserted, has a bit of thicker girth in the center, and then eases into a skinny neck to allow your hole to close almost all the way up. My biggest complaint about butt plugs is when they have a widely-flared lower aspect that quickly narrows into a small neck…and it seems like typically the neck is too short! This design flaw usually leaves your hole feeling like the plug is trying to push its way back out, or the base is being pulled uncomfortably against your crack. b-Vibe has designed a plug that not only sits comfortably up your butt, but whose handle rests cozily between your cheeks. “Extended wear stimulation” claims the package. With this clever design, it’s not only possible, but pleasant. I hate to say you forget you’ve got a butt plug inside you, but it’s certainly a comfortable fit for an extended session. Since the Snug Plug 2 isn’t overly large (at least for me), an extended session was a pleasure, never a pain. All I had to do to remind myself that I was enjoying this plug was to bear down with my ass muscles and feel the nice heavy girth of the toy. As comfortable as the base is, I think the extra length of the neck is the real genius of the Snug Plug. It really make a difference, at least for my own personal anatomy.

Now let’s look at some measurements. The Snug Plug I tried (model 2) has the following specs: the total insertable length is 4.3 inches (11 cm), the diameter at its widest part is 1.2 inches (3.1 cm) with a circumference of 3.8 inches (9.6 cm), the neck diameter is 0.4 inches (1 cm), and the weight of the plug is 114 grams. Consult the comparison chart near the top of the review to see how the other three Snug Plug models stack up against this one.

The package specifically states not to use silicone lubricant with this toy, so I used a high-quality water-based lube (Sliquid Naturals Sassy lubricant). Put lots of lube on your Snug Plug! The smooth texture of the toy means it has a little bit of “grab” during insertion if it’s not well lubricated. I’ve found that it’s easier to pull a toy out when you’re done if you’ve given it a little extra lube when you’re putting it in. If you’ve greased it up well, it should ease right in. The narrow rounded tip eases gently into the thicker middle. If it sticks at all or feels like it’s not gliding effortlessly, apply more lubrication. This is pretty much the most important rule of anal toy play. You’ll feel the wide portion open you up, and then a nice sensation will follow as the toy tapers off into the neck. You’ll momentarily have the feeling that the toy is being pulled out of your grasp, but the handle will come to rest against your hole, and you’ll know it’s locked into place.

As I said before, once the Snug Plug is totally inserted, you can either bear down on it and enjoy its solidness inside you, or you can let yourself go totally relaxed and enjoy feeling it nestled up your butt. I can’t remember using a more comfortable anal toy! Strangely, it’s difficult to find a plug that’s comfortable to sit on, but the Snug Plug is perfect for this. I know a lot of people like to put in a butt plug and move around. While I didn’t keep my own Snug Plug in for hours, I did keep it in for awhile and had no trouble moving around with it inside me. It stayed firmly in place and wasn’t uncomfortable at any time. I think if you wanted to put a toy up your butt while you’re “out and about,” this would be an ideal choice.

While the Snug Plug 2 wasn’t quite long enough for deep prostate massage, I did get some nice P-spot jolts while gripping my plug. I have a feeling the longer 3 or 4 model would feel even better for prostate stimulation, especially since they are thicker and heavier. Still, I think the 1 or 2 models are great choices for guys who want to try a butt plug, but want to start with something that isn’t terribly thick.

When you’re finished with your Snug Plug, use the base as a handle to slowly and carefully extract the toy from your hole. While mine was still nicely lubed, you can always add a little fresh lube while pulling the plug out, in case it’s not gliding as easily as you’d like. As with all silicone toys, you can easily clean them with some soap and hot water. Once it’s dry it fits nicely in the little included storage bag.

All in all, I can’t think of anything bad to say about this little plug. b-Vibe scores another hit with the Snug Plug. It’s well made, thoughtfully designed, goes in easy and feels great while using it. Thanks again to Peepshow Toys for letting me try it out. You can order your own Snug Plug in any of the four available sizes from Peepshow Toys using the link below:

¹In the time since my original review was posted, the Snug Plug line now has an XL plug, bringing the total number to 5.

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FTC Notice: This product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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