Factor Vibrating Prostate Massager from Blush Novelties

Today I’m looking at a small silicone butt plug whose internal vibrating bullet packs a big punch. The Performance Plus Factor from Blush Novelties is billed as a silicone stimulator and rechargeable vibrating bullet. Two years ago I looked at another piece from this collection—The Supra Prostate Massager—for Peepshow Toys. They’ve recently added the Factor prostate massager to their online store, so let’s take a look and see how it works.

Like the Supra prostate massager, the Factor has the same overall dimensions: a 4.25-inch length with 3.5-inch insertable length. The max width of the toy is 1.25 inches, with a 4-inch circumference at its thickest point. The plug itself is made of indigo-colored silicone, so there’s no odor and it’s a body friendly material that’s designed to last for years. The silicone is smooth and very satiny to the touch.

The Factor with its accessories (left) and its dimensions (right)

The plug has a curvy design reminiscent of other prostate massagers, with a bulbous head that’s more prominent on one side and a body that bulges in either direction. Instead of a rounded shape, the plug is somewhat flat on either side, but you can insert it forward or backward, and have some variation in how the plug rests inside you.

While the top half of the Factor is solid silicone, the interior of the curved body is hollowed out, in order to accommodate the rechargeable vibrating bullet, which is included in the package. There’s also a charging cord that plugs into any USB slot and connects to the bullet with a magnetic clasp. It couldn’t be easier to charge this toy. Just insert the USB end into a compatible slot and “click” the magnetic end to the base of the bullet. A white light will pulse while charging. When it turns solid, it’s ready to use.

I found it was easier to insert the bullet by rubbing a dab of water-based lubricant on the upper portion. This will also make it easier to remove the bullet, if you choose. Be sure to at least remove the vibrator to clean the lube off, if you choose this method.

Once your vibe is all charged up (and inserted into the plug), you’re ready to play. I like to use Sliquid Sassy with my anal toys. It’s a thick water-based lube that works great with silicone sex toys, and doesn’t have any questionable ingredients. The Factor is a fairly slender and short toy, as anal toys go, but you should still give yourself a good coating of lube. Be sure to lube your butt, too, but don’t use too much, or the plug might pop out easily once it’s inserted if things are overly slippery.

With the vibrating bullet inserted, the Factor has a nice solid feel from tip to base, so you don’t even really need to activate the vibrations if you don’t want to. With vibrating anal toys, I like to ease the toy into my hole and really grow used to it before I activate any added bells and whistles. This gives me a chance to grow comfortable with the toy inside me and see how it works with my prostate.

Factor (left) vs. the Supra (right)

If you read my 2018 review of the Supra prostate massager, you’ll note it ended up being one of my favorites, mostly because of how well it hit my prostate. I found that the Supra is still the better of the two—for me—when it comes to prostate stimulation, mostly because of the rounder, thicker head, I think.

Still, the Factor is a decent plug, and did push on my prostate quite nicely, but mostly when I applied pressure to the plug from the base, once it was fully seated in my ass. I kind of like the smaller base on the Factor; the Supra’s long, curved base was a little less comfortable compared to this one, but they are both pretty soft and flexible, especially if you are up for a long session.

Like the Supra, the Blush rechargeable vibrating bullet is wildly terrific for a little vibrator. Even on it’s lowest setting it’s a powerhouse. If you love intense, buzzy vibrations right on your sensitive hole, the bullet should really deliver. The solid upper portion of the plug does a fairly good job of sending intense vibes deeper into the ass, but with a length of (only) 4.25 inches, if it’s depth you’re looking for, you might want a longer toy. Ditto on thickness. The 1.25″ thickness is pretty ideal for beginners, and users who prefer more slender anal toys, but if it’s a hole spreader you’re after, the Factor ain’t it.

Side view of the Factor with the bullet inserted

What I really like about the Factor is how buzzy and intense the vibrator is on my nerve-packed hole, and that I get some pretty decent (though not great) prostate rubbing when I apply some firm pressure to the base of the plug. Using this method while the vibe is buzzing away makes for some pretty pleasurable low-key anal play, especially if I’m stroking my cock while the plug is doing its thing.

The bullet starts out with steady vibrations and is intense even on the lowest settings. The knob of the Factor really quivers powerfully, so I wish it reached just a little bit deeper inside me. If shorter plugs hit your own prostate, this might be just the one you’ve been looking for. For a real thrill, try positioning “just the tip” right inside your hole and then click on the vibrations. Wow!

Anyhow, there are 5 levels of steady vibrations (all of which are intense), and 5 different patterns that follow. I loved them all, from the sputtering setting, to the pounding pulses, and the one that alternated between a high and low buzzing.

Some other things to know about the Factor: the bullet is waterproof (in up to 3 feet of water), so you can use this plug in the shower or tub. The waterproof feature makes it a snap to clean, too, especially if you’re planning to leave the bullet inserted in the center of the Factor between uses. Given how easy it is to connect the magnetic charger to the base, this is actually not a bad idea if you’re going to use it strictly in this way.

However, as I’ve mentioned in other reviews, this amazing bullet also works great if you’re looking for a bite-sized stimulator for your cock, balls, clit, or other erogenous zones. I love using mine for frenulum stimulation, and it’s so easy to keep it nearby, for those times when you want to tease your cock at a moment’s notice. If you do remove the bullet, the Factor could also be used with a finger inserted in the vibe pocket. This gives the plug a more solid feel, and allows the user to manually stimulate the hole it goes into. Try using the Factor as a “finger extender” for those times when you’re up for a manual prostate massage. While your P-spot is getting rubbed internally with the plug, you can power up the bullet to tease your frenulum (or other favorite erogenous zone) at the same time.

All in all, a fun little plug with an amazing vibrator! Want to try this little silicone vibrating plug for yourself? Find the Blush Novelties Performance Plus Factor at Peepshow Toys using this link:

Be sure to add your favorite lube! (I like Sliquid Sassy.) Want to compare the Factor with a similar Blush Novelties silicone prostate massager? Read my review of the Performance Plus Supra. I’ve done quite a few reviews for the body-safe sex toys and products Peepshow Toys stocks and you can read all the reviews by using the links in the right-hand sidebar. Want to save 10% off your next Peepshow Toys order? Enter the coupon code allmalesextoys during checkout.


Product photos from Blush Novelties


FTC Notice: this product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.


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