The Butters Oil-Based Lube

I always enjoy trying new lubes, so I was excited to see some samples of The Butters lubricant included the last time Peepshow Toys sent me a toy to review. 

The Butters is an oil-based lube and what makes it interesting is it’s handcrafted with all-natural ingredients by a real person in Michigan. Translation: this stuff isn’t made in a factory with a bunch of strange chemicals that might react badly with your tender skin or your favorite toys. Typically I use oil-based lubes for masturbation. Why? They tend to go on thick, turn into a liquid consistency with each stroke, and they usually last longer than I do, which means I’m not constantly having to reapply the stuff.

But checking out The Butters website online, I realized you can use this stuff with toys, too. You mean you can use an oil-based lubricant with silicone? Apparently so. In fact, the creator of this stuff – Jerome Stuart Nichols – claims it can be used safely with many materials: silicone, glass, wood, ceramic, leather, PVC, sil-a-gel, lamb skin, and polyurethane. It’s not recommended for use with latex, vinyl, or ASA (a type of plastic that’s used in 3D printing).

Like I said, the stuff is all natural, so no weird or harmful chemicals, so you don’t have to worry when you get it in your mouth, and it’s safe for your other orifices, too. The site claims it won’t stain your sheets either! I won’t go through a complete ingredients list, but The Butters consists of aloe vera gel, raw shea butter, pure coconut oil, pure extra virgin olive oil, pure grapeseed oil, pure palm kernel oil, pure soy lipid emulsion, apple cider vinegar, and guar bean powder. Okay, so I did list all the ingredients, and you can see there’s nothing strange in the whole batch. But how well does this stuff work together as a lube? Quite nicely, as it turns out.

I used my first sample to jack off. I actually used the first two samples to jack off, over several times. No weird smell (or taste) and the stuff feels like, well, rubbing softened butter on your dick. It clings nicely and turns into a satiny oil the longer you stroke. Since I prefer a good oil-based lube for masturbation, I can’t think of anything bad to say about this stuff. It doesn’t turn into some nasty tacky mess after ten minutes and it’s not going to have any odd smells or give you a bad reaction if you don’t wash it off when you’re done. In fact, for an oil-based lube, the clean up after was pleasantly minimal. Like most oil-based lubricants, you can probably tease your most sensitive spots with a small amount and it will last for your entire session, or you can go for the full balls-to-tip treatment and really grease things up. I tried The Butters both ways and I loved it both ways. But did it really work with sex toys?

I had two new silicone prostate massagers to try out (review to come!) so I figured this was a great opportunity to try an oil-based lube with toys, which is something I’ve never considered, at least with silicone. The Butters clings easily to to the toy and makes for a slick comfortable insertion. I can see why people like this stuff for use with their sex toys. The drawback to using water-based lubes with toys is that the liquid usually dries up before you’re ready to pull the toy back out, which in turn creates an uncomfortable withdrawal. With The Butters, the lube stayed slippery from beginning to end. In fact, the lube turned into a slippery liquid during use and actually made it easier to pop the plugs out. Even though there are claims it won’t stain, I’d still have a towel handy to capture any “run off,” because if you’re using a bunch of lube it might be a tad messy when you pull out. Mine was a little messy, but I was so pleased that there was still so much of it in my hole that I was barely bothered by the mess. I even tried The Butters as pump lube while using my LA Pump. It worked very well for this purpose, too, in fact it made for a better seal and a pleasing softness on my cock while fully engorged inside of the pump cylinder. After I was done, the skin of my dick was nice and soft. It was a nice switch on my silicone nipple suckers, too. It was very soft and comfortable and made for a perfect seal. So not only is The Butters a natural lube, but it’s really versatile as well.

So now that I’ve tried The Butters for masturbation and toy play, I’m happily recommending this lube. Long lasting, all-natural, versatile, and feels great! Even better, the stuff is not terribly expensive compared to many oil-based lubes. Thanks to Peepshow Toys for sending me samples to try. You can get The Butters from Peepshow Toys in an 8 ounce jar:

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Product photos: Peepshow Toys


FTC Notice: Samples of this product were provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.


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