Falcon Ninja Heating & Vibrating Masturbator

Something new and fun from Peepshow Toys, just in time for the onset of colder weather. Last season it was the Marley Warming Silicone Vibrator, a vibrating butt plug that heats your hole. This year it’s the Falcon Ninja Heating and Vibrating Masturbator, a silicone stroker from Icon Brands that – as the name suggests – not only vibrates, but uses heat to stimulate your cock. Let’s check this thing out.

In general there are two types of toys that fall under the category of “strokers” and those include long, fuckable masturbators that often replicate a certain body part (mouth, ass, pussy), sometimes with realistic orifices and deep textured insides…and smaller cup-style masturbators that are designed to stretch and stimulate various spots on a guy’s erect penis. The Falcon Ninja stroker isn’t like either of those toys, but something a little different. Billed as a “head polisher,” the Ninja consists of a hard handheld outer case that holds a not-so-deep pocket made of smooth red silicone. Under this layer of silicone lies the two components that work to pleasure the head of a guy’s cock: an 8-mode vibrator, and a 2-setting heating element that warms the silicone that surrounds the upper aspect of your penis.

The toy itself has the following measurements: the plastic case is about 5-inches long and runs about 3 inches in diameter. It has a rounded/egg-like shape and feels about the size of a mango in my hand. It’s easy to hold. The silicone portion of the toy has a depth of about 3 inches, and an inner diameter of around an inch-and-a-half. If you’re looking for a deep sleeve to stimulate your cock from tip to the base of the shaft, this toy isn’t going to work for you. In fact, as it’s touted as a head polisher, that’s how I’m going to promote it.

Since both of this toy’s features are power-driven, you’re probably wondering how exactly does it run. Instead of batteries, you can charge the Ninja with an included USB cable. Once the USB end is attached to a port or compatible charger, insert the metal pin on the other end into the jack at the top of the Ninja’s case. It’s protected with a tight silicone seal, which helps keep the electrical components from being damaged by water or other fluids during use or clean up. (Don’t use the toy while it’s connected to the charger or try to clean it with water during the charging process.) The charging process is pretty straightforward. Once connected, a blue light will gently pulse while the Ninja is powering up. Once it’s obtained a full charge, this light will turn solid blue. Now the Ninja is ready to use.

The controls are very discreet and it’ll take some hunting to locate them if you aren’t sure where they are. Two buttons are located on the middle seam of the black case, just below the charging port. The top button (marked M for Mode) controls the vibrations. Beneath that is a second button marked with a thermometer icon, which allows the user to cycle through the heat settings (Low, High, and Off). Though both the vibrator and the heat can be used together, I’ll take a look at each feature separately a little later in the review. But first let’s see how the Ninja works without any of the bells and whistles.

As you might have guessed from the aforementioned measurements, the sleeve of the Ninja isn’t that deep and not that wide. The toy is designed to please the glans or the uppermost reaches of a guy’s penis, and unless you have a very slender shaft, you won’t be getting much more than that into the inner confines of this thing. It’s a tight fit, especially if you have a thick or swollen head. While the material is a soft and pliable silicone, the internal components of the toy (the vibe, the heater) restrict just how much give the sleeve has. Icon Brands recommends lubricating the inside of the toy “for a more pleasurable experience.” Definitely. I’d recommend using your favorite water-based lube with this. Go ahead and coat the top of your penis, too. It’ll make wedging the knob into the depths of this thing a lot easier. It’s a tight fit (at least for me), but the lubrication does make penetration easier and allows for easier rotation. There isn’t any texture on the silicone, so if you need raised bumps or ridges to get you off, you’ll probably be disappointed. The real fun of the Ninja is the vibrations and the heating element, so let’s look at those now.

The vibrator is pretty straightforward and works similar to most vibrating toys. Press and hold the M button to turn on the vibrator. The first setting is a rumbly/steady low-speed vibrator. It’s really not a powerhouse vibrator, but it’s decent. I think if the inner fit wasn’t so tight, the vibes would be more intense. I tend to prefer a lighter touch when it comes to vibrations on the head of my cock, so the tightness of the sleeve pretty much restricts that. I much more prefer stimulation to my frenulum (located just under the head of my cock) but the sleeve needs to be just a little bit deeper to hit that spot in a way that feels great, at least for me. Still, the vibrations were pleasant. There are two steady vibration setting (low and high), and six interesting pulse patterns. There are the typical short bursts and revving patterns, and a couple new things I’ve never seen before (patterns that change from hard to slow, and a nice hard rev that seems to shift direction mid-pattern, teasing two different spots alternately). If the Ninja was simply a vibrating head teaser, I’d probably recommend you spend the extra money and go for the Cobra Libre, which has a much more sophisticated vibrator. But the Ninja has something that the Cobra Libre – or any other head teaser I’ve seen – doesn’t. A heater. And this, fellow masturbators, is the Ninja’s secret weapon.

Now the Ninja bills itself as an “oral simulator” right on the front of the package. For me personally, I really want a toy to be deeper, more flexible, and have some sort of stimulating texture to work as an oral simulator. Still, one of the best things about good head is sliding into a mouth that’s as hot as a furnace. Right? Could the Ninja’s heat feature do the trick?

To activate the heat, simply click and hold the other button. A red light comes on and starts to blink. This indicates the toy is heating and will keep the heat level on low, which Icon Brands lists as 35 degrees Celsius (which translates to 95 degrees Fahrenheit). Want things even warmer? Click the heat button again and the light turns red, sending the heater into High mode, which is listed as a temperature of 40 C/104 F. By using silicone for the sleeve, they’ve used a material that works well with heat, and boy does the heat feel great.

I’ll be honest, head teasers aren’t typically my thing. But with a little lubricant and the Ninja’s heat level set to high, slowly spinning this toy around my knob just about drove me over the edge. The heat was that good. I didn’t even need the vibration mode running, but I’ll admit that a session with the heat and vibrators doing there thing was undeniably pleasurable too. I think if Icon Brands released a version of this toy with a deeper sleeve and a little more wiggle room and used the same heating element on the head, they’d have a sex toy truly worthy of the “oral simulator” title. Guys who have big cocks and/or swollen heads might be frustrated at this toy’s tightness, but I think those who enjoy head stimulation and love heat on their knobs will really like the Ninja.

A few closing details: the splash-proof nature of the toy coupled with the enclosed silicone pocket make clean up easy. Be sure to dry the toy completely before storing. Icon Brands even includes a little cloth drawstring pouch. Nice! Double check to ensure the heat and vibrators are powered off before cleaning or storing. Press and hold either button to power that feature off. Lights off = power off.

My thanks to Peepshow Toys for sending me the Falcon Ninja for an honest review. You can purchase your own Falcon Ninja Vibrating/Heating Masturbator from Peepshow Toys using this link:

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FTC Notice: this product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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