Vedo Pump Review — Motorized Vacuum Penis Pump

Today I’m looking at a rechargeable power penis pump from Vedo. Peepshow Toys sent me this pump to try out in exchange for a fair and honest review. Let’s take a look at this thing.

The Vedo Pump comes nicely packaged in a box that contains the pump itself nestled in a curved tray. The box has a bottom compartment that contains the pump’s charging cord as well as a little instruction booklet. The pump cylinder is made of clear, hard ABS plastic and feels pretty durable. I’ve seen a lot of cheap “beginner” pumps over the years and this one feels really sturdy, which is what you want in a vacuum pump, even if it’s just one you’re using to “try out” penis pumping.

On top of the cylinder is a black dome that houses the motor, as well as the control panel and charging port. Before you can use the Vedo pump, you’ll need to charge it up. It’s easy. Just plug the USB end into a charger or appropriate slot, then insert the metal prong into the jack on the back of the pump. A blue LED light pulses as the unit charges and turns solid when it’s ready to use.

The controls are pretty simple and straightforward. There are two buttons. The uppermost controls the power motor. One click turns it on. Click it again to turn it off immediately. The second (lower) button is a pressure release control. It didn’t seem to be a “quick release,” but the manual said to press and hold for 10 seconds to depressurize the inside of the pump chamber. I found it was easier to simply slide a finger into the base of the pump to quickly break the air seal, but the vacuum release button does seem to work if you need a way to slightly reduce the amount of pressure inside the pump while your cock is in there.

I’d tag this Vedo Pump as a “beginners” pump, as it really doesn’t have many more features than the ones I’ve already mentioned. I think “serious” penis pumpers should at least have a pressure gauge on the unit, to monitor the inner air pressure and help control the vacuum. It’s also a nice safety feature, so you don’t inadvertently “over pump,” possibly causing damage to your cock during use.

There isn’t too much chance of accidentally overdoing things with this Vedo Pump, as the pressure didn’t seem to be too extreme. Peepshow Toys lists the pressure at 7.15 pounds per square inch. The pump motor only runs for about 5 seconds with each individual press of the power button. I’ve tried other power pumps that run continuously, which can cause quick over-pumping, but the Vedo Pump is more of a short and steady suck, almost gently pulling the air out of the cylinder a little bit at a time.

It does work pretty well though, assuming you’re just looking for a moderate pumping experience. The opening of the pump cylinder measures a fairly large 3 inches in diameter, but Vedo includes a fairly sturdy-but-stretchable silicone cap that helps the user create a better seal for longer sessions. With the cap in place, the opening for your penis is a little more than 1 inch, and the material is soft enough to stretch to accommodate larger cocks (hard or soft). I’m not sure how it would work if your cock is less than 1 inch. With any pump, you need a good seal to create the vacuum that causes your dick to swell inside the unit, but I was able to obtain a decent seal by pressing down on the pump and forcing the base into my lap. I seemed to have better results when keeping my balls inside a pair of boxer shorts, as opposed to allowing them to hang free and possibly get pulled up into the base of the pump, which tends to create an uncomfortable sensation while I’m pumping and actually work against getting my cock to get pulled farther into the cylinder, thereby reducing the amount of my penis that’s actually being pumped, and therefore enlarged.

The soft/pliable silicone cap that fits over the pump opening

If you do wish to include your balls, the silicone cap bends nicely against the top of your nuts (at least if they’re large) and tries to pull them up into the opening. If you can get enough of an airtight seal, you might even be able to pull your balls into the wide opening as well. Some pumpers really enjoy including their balls in a pump session. The base of the pump tube is certainly wide enough (without the silicone cap in place) for many to include their nuts.

Myself, I prefer to keep the balls outside of the pump. Sometimes I’ll even use a cock ring as a “ball stretcher” of sorts, to keep my nuts from being pulled up into the cylinder while I’m pumping. By just pumping my cock only, I was able to really stretch it out quickly, especially given that the pump motor only works for five seconds at a time. Little by little I was able to suck more air out of the tube, gradually making my cock swell a little more each time.

The clear cylinder has measurements on either side, listing both inches and centimeters, so you can easily chart how long your cock is getting during the pump session. The measurements top out at 7 inches and 17 cm, respectively. Even though I don’t normally grow erect when I am pumping (I almost always start out with a flaccid penis), the Vedo Pump was decent enough to make it appear as if my soft cock was thick, long and had the appearance of being hard and swollen. I’ve found that this is actual a desired effect for me. There’s nothing I enjoy more than having a fairly swollen and thick soft cock after I’ve finished a pumping session. I typically have to use my pricier Bathmate Hydromax Pump to achieve this effect, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this Vedo Pump gave me the same results, without having to jump in the shower or bath!

My own pics taken before pumping and after just a few minutes (starting with flaccid penis)

Another thing I noticed while using the Vedo Pump is that it tended to give my cock a “mushroom head” just about every time I used it. The glans didn’t really say overly swollen after I removed my penis from the pump, but it certainly looked nice while I was pumping.

So even though the cylinder on this thing is long and quite thick, I don’t think the Vedo Pump is intense enough to “overpump” your penis to the point where you’re going to swell enough to fill this thing and give you the appearance of a “beer can cock.” It does seem to work well for swelling a relatively small flaccid cock into an impressive thicker softie. I also liked that it was gentle enough not to pump my dick so hard that it effected the appearance negatively after my session, or made my cock feel sore or injured after use (which can happen fairly easily with pumps that are overworked in an eager attempt to obtain faster growth). In fact, this is one of the few pumps I’ve tried where I didn’t have to lube up my dick during my pump session to help protect it from over-pumping and potential injury. However, when I used this pump while already erect, I had to lube up my (thicker) dick to get it to slide into the pump cap opening.

My own pics taken before pump and after just a few minutes (starting with erect penis)

One note about the lube: since the Vedo Pump can not be submerged in water for cleaning, I was glad I didn’t grease up my dick before my pump session. The company claims you should wipe the interior of the pump cylinder clean with a damp cloth. Even though I didn’t up up with a bunch of lube inside this thing, pumping always makes me generate a bunch of precum, so I really wish the pump had a detachable motor at the top, so the clear cylinder itself could be put into water and cleaned easily without having to worry about damaging the motor on this thing. Just take care when cleaning your pump, and always let it dry completely before storing it between uses.

All things considered, I think the Vedo Pump would make a pretty good beginners pump or one for light or exploratory use. If you’ve always wanted to try a pump but were worried about overdoing it or causing possible injury to your dick, I don’t think this one would pose too much risk. It does deliver a nice slow, gentle suction for a decent and gradual vacuum session. If you have a fairly big, long and/or thick cock to start out, or you desire more intense growth through pumping, you may wish to look at one of the other penis pumps Peepshow Toys stocks, as I don’t know if this one will give you the long-term results you’re after. If you are ready to try the Vedo Pump, you can pick one up from Peepshow Toys using this link:

The included “User Guide” is really only a double sided card with some quick instructions, tips and potential warnings about penis pumping. It’s got small print, so I’m actually going to include the information printed on the card right below:

Start with a semi-erect or fully erect penis.
Apply lubrication to the opening of the pump and to the penis prior to insertion.
Insert penis into the cylinder opening and press base firmly against body to achieve tight air seal.
Press power button to start suction.
Once desired erection is achieved, press power button to stop suction and remove pump.*If any discomfort, discoloration or bulging of veins occurs, discontinue use immediately.
Semi-auto ON/OFF button:
Press power button for 5 seconds of suction
Press again for 5 additional seconds of suction
If you press power button during suction it will cause suction to pause
Release button:
Press to release suction and dispense air. Takes approximately 10 seconds.


  1. If any discomfort occurs during use, discontinue use of pump immediately
  2. Do not use the pump under influence of alcohol or drugs.
  3. If user has sickle cell disease, history of prolonged erections, or is taking large quantities of aspirin or blood thinners, do not use this product.
  4. Follow directions and warnings to ensure proper use of product. Misuse can lead to injury.

Delayed Diagnosis of Other Conditions
The PUMP is not designed for men who have Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Men who have ED should speak with a healthcare professional to devise a treatment plan that addresses their underlying cause of ED.

Use with Impaired Pain Perception
Do not use this product if you have a history of decrease sensation of pain.
Do not use this product if you have decreased hand strength in case you are unable to press  power button to release suction.

Use with Decreased Hand Strength
Do not use the device if you have decreased hand strength because this may make removal of the device difficult.


  1. Apply only minimum amount of suction necessary to achieve desired erection. Excessive suction may bruise or injure penis.
  2. If you have any preexisting conditions like Peyronie’s Disease, Erectile Dysfunction, Prispism or Urethral Strictures consult your physician prior to using this product.
  3. Use of a vacuum pump may aggravate already existing conditions such as Peyronie’s Disease (the formulation of hardened tissue in the penis that causes pain, curvature, and distortion, usually during erections), priapism (persistent, usually painful erection of the penis as a consequence of disease and not related to sexual arousal), and urethral strictures (urethral stricture is an area of hardened tissue, which narrows the urethra, sometimes making it difficult to urinate.).

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Product photos:
Pump — Peepshow Toys
Silicone Cap and Pumping Pics — All Male Sex Toys


FTC Notice: This product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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